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In Udaipur, a couple was robbed on the edge of a paddle on a smooth road, a brave young woman recorded a video of the robbery.

White day robbery:  

Udaipur in Rajasthan, known as Lake City, has been in the news for a long time due to looting incidents. In this city, which is abuzz with tourists, there is a case where even thugs are committing baroque crimes. 

A couple was robbed on Friday near a large lake within the limits of the Ambamata police station here. Four thugs riding a bike robbed a young man and a young woman who were traveling in a car. However, the brave young woman also skillfully recorded the deeds of the four thugs in her mobile. The police force was also shaken after the video went viral.

No complaint was lodged till late last night in this whole matter. Hrithik Runwal, a resident of Oswal Plaza, later lodged a complaint, the police station in-charge said. According to him, the robbery took place when he went for a walk with his female friend. The video of the robbery, which was carefully recorded by the girl, also shows the two constantly begging the buccaneers to say that they have nothing left. The thugs also beat up the young man by showing him a paddle and later grabbed his watch and car keys by the edge of the paddle. The young man was constantly begging for a car key. However, the thugs carried out the robbery and fled on two bikes without number plates.

Earlier in the month of April also the incidents of robbery came to light here. SP Rajiv Prachar also set up a temporary police outpost here due to the ongoing incidents of looting with tourists. However, the police operation is now being questioned as the number of robberies is increasing instead of stopping.

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