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In the village of Chitrodi in Halwad, darkness fell, the sheep of Maldhari were tensed in the atmosphere where the river was flowing on the road.

Critical situation:  

Darkness broke out in Chitrodi village of Halwad, the sheep of Maldhari were tensed in the atmosphere where the river was flowing on the road.

The village was turned into an island between Falaku river and Brahmani river
The government was still unaware of this

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The village of Chitrodi, 18 km away from Halwad, was in a dilapidated condition. The sheep and goats of the two herdsmen, who were returning in the evening, were also stranded as the village turned into an island between the Falaku river on one side and the Brahmani river on the other. However, the government is still unaware of this.

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A human chain was formed to rescue the sheep and goats. In the
village of Chitrodi, situated on the banks of Brahmani river and Falaku river, 18 km away from Halwad taluka center, a sudden downpour of rain fell in the evening and heavy rains continued About 25 to 30 sheep of Kalubhai Bharwad and Velabhai Bharwad, who were returning, were strained in the water and the villagers formed a human chain using time indicators to save them.

Surprisingly, the government machinery was still unaware of the incident. The surprising thing is that since the charge of Halwad Mamlatdar was with Malia Mamlatdar, he was unaware of the incident and no information was given by the sarpanch. Similarly, the taluka development officer is also on leave and the government machinery is still unaware of the incident.

Contacting Sarpanch of Chitrodi village Rameshbhai Rudatla during Megharaja's hasty entry in Halwad taluka , he said, "We have never seen such rain." The water started flowing in the village in an instant and Chitrodi village is divided into three different sections and the road leading to the two villages has also been broken in heavy rains. It may be noted that Megharaja entered Halwad taluka in the afternoon and after soaking peanuts, coriander and cumin in the marketing yard to the tune of Rs.

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