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Indigenous Corona Vaccine Steps Towards WHO Approval; The International Health Organization approved the expression of interest

Big news about covexin:  Indigenous Corona Vaccine Steps Towards WHO Approval; The International Health Organization approved the expression of interest

Covexin is expected to be approved by the WHO

Corona's indigenous vaccine covexin is expected to be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech Expressions of Interest (EOI) has been accepted by the WHO. The company filed an EOI on April 19 to seek approval for covacin. A pre-submission meeting on the matter will now be held on June 23.

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What is the significance of WHO's approval for emergency use?

The WHO's Emergency Use Listing examines the safety and effectiveness of health products in public health emergencies such as epidemics. The WHO approved the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine on 31 December 2020, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on 15 February 2021, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 12 March.
According to the WHO, medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tools need to be developed and approved as soon as possible in view of the state of emergency. It also met safety, efficiency and quality standards. This assessment ensures the use of these products for a wide range of people during an epidemic.

The debate between vaccine passports has
recently begun , with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinting that an attempt could be made to reach a consensus on vaccine passports during the G-7 conference. His proposal is to make international travel easier, but there are still many problems. There are also many countries where vaccination has not reached full speed due to production or other problems.


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This is because covacin is being talked about because it has not been approved by the WHO. Foreign universities and many countries have enacted such rules, which will allow people who have been vaccinated by the WHO to travel abroad without restrictions. This will have the biggest impact on students studying in foreign universities who have taken covacin in India.

Hope to get approval between
July and September Kovexin could get emergency use approval from the WHO between July and September. The company said regulatory approvals for covacin are underway in 60 countries. The US and Brazil are also the most affected by the corona. An application has also been made at WHO-Geneva for approval.

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According to the company, covexin has been approved in 13 countries so far. Most countries are emphasizing vaccination to those who come here. Those who have not been vaccinated may travel with a negative report of the RT-PCR test.

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