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Jayanti Ravi, Gujarat's frontline health secretary, abruptly changes, appointed secretary of Aeroville Foundation, Tamil Nadu

Ravini's 'Mars' changed:  Jayanti Ravi, Gujarat's frontline health secretary, abruptly changes, appointed secretary of Aeroville Foundation, Tamil Nadu

With the reduction in Corona cases in the state, the sudden change of Jayanti Ravi has become a hot topic of discussion.

With immediate effect, orders were issued to transfer Jayavati Ravi, Principal Secretary, Health, Gujarat, as Secretary, Aeroville Foundation, Tamil Nadu for 3 years. Jayanti Ravi, who was the frontline health secretary of Gujarat during Corona's tenure, was embroiled in controversy. Corona's cases in the state have been declining and his sudden transfer has become a hot topic among the secretariat and top officials.

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In the first wave, there was an outcry
that the health system had failed. With the onset of Korona in Gujarat, Jayanti Ravina had a big responsibility as the frontline health secretary. The state had full responsibility for corona cases as well as hospital, bed, treatment, tracing. Especially during the first wave of Corona, Gujarat's health system was lamented, while during the second wave, there was a shortage of oxygen and injections and hospital beds were also missing, creating a medical emergency situation in the state.

Jayanti Ravi was annoyed based on the complaints of taking decisions by going overboard.

Political leaders wash fish on Jayanti Raveena As Jayanti Raveena has the
first responsibility as the state's front secretary of health, all government departments and political leaders washed their heads in the second wave of medical emergencies. As a result, for some time now, he has been annoyed by complaints that certain officials have ignored the advice and suggestions given by Jayanti Ravi to curb Corona's cases and sit with the government and go beyond their decisions.


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After the first wave of Corona in Gujarat, Jayanti Ravi had made representations to shift outside Gujarat, especially in Tamil Nadu, but the second wave of Corona in the state was halted by the Center and his transfer was stopped at that time. While Corona's cases have dropped sharply in the second wave and his sudden transfer order this morning before the third wave arrives, it has become a topic of much discussion.

File photo of Dr. Jayanti Ravi.

In Gujarat, the old process will remain the same: Dr.
Jayanti Ravi There is no fact that reports have been leaked to the media. The same procedure is followed by the State Government for the vaccination process by giving the place, time and date from the prior registration. The government has maintained the existing system of registration for vaccinations through the website and app.

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Who is Dr. Jayanti Ravi?
In the year 2002, Dr. Jayanti Ravi was the Collector of Panchmahal District. Since then he has been making important contributions in departments like Education Department, Rural Development Prime Minister's Office. Apart from this he is a strict administrator. They know 11 languages. He has also written many books in Sanskrit. He has also taken classical music training. He studied at the University of Madras and then at Harvard University. Since then he has also done a PhD in Management.

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