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Kevin Peters criticized England; Talking about the rematch in Dubai, Gavaskar interfered with the ICC; Know the reaction of cricketers and fans

WTC Final Re-Demand: 

The water turned again on the 2 year hard work of both the teams. The council should address this - a cricket fan
Wasim Jaffer shared the meme and expressed his displeasure against 'Bad Weather'

'The World Test Championship 2019-2021' has now reached its final stage. The match between India and New Zealand being played in Southampton has been washed away in the rain. Not a single ball could be played on the first day of June 18 and the fourth day of June 21 due to rain, so many veteran former cricketers and fans, including Kevin Pietersen and Sunil Gavaskar, have expressed their views. Peters had even planned to host the final in the UAE. So let's know their opinions .....

Veteran cricketers annoyed by rain on fourth day
The decision in the final match of the WTC seemed to come out that it was once again hampered by rain and the fourth day's game was washed away. 


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On the first day, cricket fans and veteran cricketers remained calm in view of Reserve-Day, but even on June 21, the patience of the former cricketers, who were going to the West in the rain all day, was broken. If this continues and the match is drawn, both the teams will be declared joint winners. So the only question that is on everyone's mind right now is how to share the title of the final of the World Test Championship without playing a match due to bad weather?

"I am very sorry to say this, but given the current situation, any important game in the world of cricket should not be held in England," Kevin Pietersen tweeted, referring to former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen for not playing in the final in England. This post clearly shows how distracted not only the two teams but also Kevin is from the disruption of bad weather.

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Kevin Pietersen shared one more post in the minutes of the countdown after a tweet urging him to hold the final in Dubai and not to hold the tournament in England. "If this decision had been in my hands, I would have hosted the final match of a tournament like WTC in Dubai," he said. Neutral venue, attractive stadium, accompanying atmosphere, training facility is also nice and at least a complete travel place ... Oh ICC home is also right next to the stadium.

Could Peterson's reaction change the ICC as well? If a match like the World Test Championship has to be drawn because of the atmosphere, then Peterson's idea needs to be discussed.

Sunil Gavaskar also advises ICC (file photo)

Indian cricketer and star cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has said that the Indian team can play a Test match in the WTC final again after a gap of 3-4 days. So both teams will be in England at this time. "In my opinion, this match will be a draw and it will be time to share the trophy," Gavaskar said. Football also has a penalty shoot-out to determine the winner or is decided by some other method. Tennis has five sets and a tie breaker. There should also be a way to choose the winner of the WTC final. The ICC Cricket Committee should consider this and then take a decision.


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Wasim Jaffer also shared a
meme about 'Bad Weather' and the WTC tournament. Seeing the atmosphere in Southampton, former Indian opener Wasim Jaffer shared a meme. Jaffer shared the meme on Twitter after canceling the fourth day's game. The meme mentioned Bollywood actress Hema Malini and Dharmendra's song 'Bant Lange Aadha-Aadha'.

Jaffer's meme post suggests that if one day after another is avoided, New Zealand and India will be declared joint winners. That is why Wasim Jaffer is moving towards a match draw by sharing half a song, he pointed in that direction.

Fences also reacted

Social media users said the water turned again on the 2 years of hard work of both the teams. The council should address this. Fence said the ICC should host a five-match series instead of one. In which WTC points are at the top of the table, three matches should be played at the home ground of the team and 2 matches should be played at the home ground of the team which is at the second number. This will definitely get a champion.

A social media user named Pratik Modi wrote that this was the worst performance of the ICC in the tournament. Managed well in the beginning but came up against the worst management in the final match. Another user wrote that anyone who would have thought of hosting a match there in the English Summer should not be asked to make a second decision.

Social media fans expressed their anger through the meme

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A user named Sekat Mandal
asked 2 questions to ICC. The user asked if the concept of timeless test will be applied for the next WTC final? If there is a reserve time of 1 day for ODI final then why this rule is not applied in Tests? The test should have a reserve time of 2 days.

The opening match of the World Test Championship Final was the first match of the Ashes Series 2019. (File image)

WTC (2019-2021) started with 'Ashes Series-19'
The World Test Championship Final started with 'Ashes Series' on 1 August 2019. The series takes place between Australia and England. 9 teams participated in the World Test Championship. The Indian team and the New Zealand team have reached the final of this tournament on the basis of performance and point percentage.


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The ground was chosen to be neutral for both the teams for the WTC final match. The players also followed the Kovid protocol due to the Corona epidemic. The final of the First World Test Championship was scheduled to begin on June 18, but the rain barrier washed away the whole day. The game was also played for 2 days during the bad weather, in which India scored 217 runs and now the New Zealand team is playing at 101 runs for the loss of 2 wickets.

India are still 116 runs ahead of New Zealand in the first innings.

Read in Gujarati news 

By the third day of the WTC Final Match Update , Team India have been all out for 217 runs. The Kiwis have scored 101 runs for the loss of 2 wickets in 49 overs on Sunday. New Zealand's Ken Williamson and Ross Taylor are at the batting crease. The Indian team is still 116 runs ahead. All three sessions were canceled without throwing a single ball on the fourth day due to bad weather. Even on the fifth day of the tournament, the meteorological department has forecast heavy to very heavy rain.

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