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Kovid also has a holiday on Sunday

Kovid also has a holiday on Sunday:Every Monday there was a 15% drop in new cases of corona, find out the bad facts behind this good news

News came on TV channels and news websites on Monday that the country had seen a record drop in the number of new corona cases received on May 31. Government and non-government websites tracking the corona updated their figures to find that on May 31, a total of 1 lakh 26 thousand 698 new cases of corona were reported in the country. Which was 17.45 per cent less than on Sunday. Similarly, last Monday, May 24, Corona's figure also declined.

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When you look at the old Corona statistics, you will find that the country has seen a decline in the number of new Corona cases every Monday since its inception. In a way this news is also good but the fact is something different.

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In fact it is the magic of our government machinery. The data clearly show that our system of coronary inspectors is on holiday on Sunday. Although the virus continues to spread with full force, the number of cases of corona in the data on Monday is low.

The effect of Sunday's sluggishness extends to Tuesday's data

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RT-PCR test report takes 24-48 hours to arrive. That means less testing on Sunday and less data on Monday.
In other words, the number of corona does not decrease on Monday but the investigating machinery becomes sluggish and the statistics present a picture of relief.
This is the reason why even during the weakening of the first wave and the second wave, there was an increase in the case of Corona on the second day, Monday. September data during the first wave and May data for the second wave confirm this.
More people are being investigated at checkpoints on Monday due to delays in investigations on Sunday. More investigation means more cases coming to light. This effect is seen in Tuesday's date.
Corona’s first wave has seen a drop in testing on Sunday, which is evident in Monday’s data.


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Testing also declined on Sunday during the first wave in 2020, as seen in Monday's data ...

Interestingly, the death toll was not affected on Sunday-Monday

Corona's investigation on Sunday did not show any effect on the death toll as it slowed down and the number of new cases received as a result.
It is clear that the good news that fewer new cases of corona are found every Monday are not in fact relieved, as the statistics show.

More testing means more cases, so focus on testing is necessary

Corona's new case statistics on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays each week make it clear that less testing has a direct impact on Corona's statistics.
That means all states should focus on testing the maximum number of corona to know the exact number of corona.
According to experts, the slack in reporting Corona data in the states on Sunday also has an impact on Monday’s figures.

Weekend effect seen in America and Europe

It is not that Corona's investigation only found this drizzle of laxity in India. The decline is also evident in data from the US and Europe.
In the United States and Europe, corona investigations and reports of new cases have slowed down not only on Sunday but also on Saturday.
In fact western countries usually have a two day weekend. This has an impact on Corona's investigation which ultimately finds its way into Corona's new case statistics.

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