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Late at night we suddenly saw a flash in the factory, tried to put out the fire, but when the fire broke out we ran away, a craftsman who witnessed the fire accident in Saijpur

Another fire in Ahmedabad: 

Fierce fire at the factory was brought under control with the help of 40 fire trucks, 3 firemen injured
A lot of damage would have been done at night if the fire had not been reported in time, my bike caught fire
It turned out that the fire was caused by a barrel full of chemicals

Another fire broke out late last night in the eastern part of Ahmedabad. A fire broke out at an ink manufacturing company in front of Saijpur for some reason. It took on a monstrous form, prompting the fire brigade to make a brigade call. A fire truck rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire. Meanwhile, 3 firefighters were injured at Odhav fire station. 

However, he was discharged today after receiving timely treatment at the hospital. The factory has artisans in 2 rooms, they were in the factory yesterday. However, as the fire was raging, he called the fire brigade and they left the factory.

Estimated loss of millions of rupees in the accident.

A craftsman living in the factory said in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar that while they were sleeping at night, he noticed a flash in the factory, so when I went there, there was a general fire. I then woke up the other artisans and we tried to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher, but suddenly a fire broke out before I sent my family and other artisans out and informed the factory owner.

 He then called the fire brigade. However, this took on such a monstrous form that the fire was raging. Many fire trucks put out the blaze after a great deal of effort. We had 14 fire extinguishers with us, but nothing happened to put out the fire. My bike was burned inside. At present it is not possible to go inside, so that the damage cannot be estimated. The only big thing is that there are no casualties.

The successful operation resulted in damage to the surrounding property.

firefighters were shifted to Shardaben Hospital for treatment after three firefighters were on duty at Odhav Fire Station of Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services during the firefighting operation. He has been given leave to be treated. The accidental fire caused extensive damage to the raw material, machinery, crop finished goods, electric wiring and building materials kept in the ink factory.

Lack of fire facilities has led to an increase
in fire incidents in the city, with many such incidents occurring in the city over the last several years, with fires in some places due to inadequate fire facilities and lack of ventilation. The High Court is currently hearing a petition seeking fire safety and BU permission, in which the court has also directed the government to take strict action.

also rtead 😱વરરાજાની સાળીઓએ વરરાજાની સાથે કર્યું કઈ એવું કે વિડિઓ થઇ ગયો વાયરલ

More than 100 employees put out the fire after a great effort
led by Chief Fire Officer Rajesh Bhatt and with direct instructions his assistant officers, more than 100 employees and firefighters, water tankers, water bowsers, robots were found with the help of about 30 vehicles. Was. The fire was extinguished strategically for five consecutive hours in front and back of the factory, ensuring that other nearby properties were not damaged during the fire. This risky, effective and successful operation resulted in further damage to the surrounding property.

The fire was brought under control after a five-hour struggle.

Godown fire near Godhavi village
Three days ago, a huge fire broke out in the godown of Bapa Sitaram Decoration in Godhavi village in Sanand taluka of Ahmedabad district. Twenty vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot and put out the fire. The fire also burnt goods in the godown, causing a loss of Rs 5 crore. While no casualties were reported.

1600 fire incidents in Ahmedabad in the year 2020-21 There
were 1,600 separate fire incidents in the year 2020-2021 in Ahmedabad. More than one billion and eight lakh rupees have been lost in various fire incidents. The fire brigade's book records that 98 people were killed during a call to the fire for rescue.

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Fire causes loss of Rs 108 crore in a year Ahmedabad city has suffered a loss of Rs 1 billion 8 crore 63 lakh due to fire, water and smoke. The value of goods rescued from fire during the year is Rs 2 billion, 40 crore, 15 lakh, 9 thousand and 900 rupees. Damage caused by fire, water and smoke has been prevented by the Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service, which has found that billions of rupees worth of property has been saved by the fire brigade.

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