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Leo Bolo: The woman who slapped the groom and ran away, and then what happened… - watch video

 Leo Bolo: The woman who slapped the groom and ran away, and then what happened… - watch video

According to Indian culture, marriage is a ritual. The female and male love of two different families is connected by a thread of love. This connection leads to the descent of a family. The marital relationship of a man and a woman engaged in a marriage ceremony lasts a lifetime.

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Even though the marriage sacrament is a ritual. But it has a profound effect on the individual and society. After seven rounds of marriage, the bride and groom promise each other that they will be together for seven births and will always be with each other.

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 Witness the fire is made seven rounds. They promise each other that they will never be separated from each other.

In addition to this, the bride and groom take seven rounds in marriage and promise to dedicate all their energy and strength to each other. According to custom, a marriage is considered incomplete until seven rounds. After the father-in-law arrives, the newlyweds are greeted and the bride steps into the in-laws' kumkum.

After that, according to the tradition, social rituals like divorce, playing the betel nut, etc. are performed in the in-laws and the newlyweds start their rejuvenation with the blessings of relatives, elders and friends. Preparations for the wedding in India have been going on ever since. In Indian Sanskrit, there are so many customs in marriage that there are often quarrels between the two families over the custom.

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A similar case has come up recently in which a woman slapped the groom. This video is going very viral on social media. According to Hindu custom, there is a custom on the second day after the wedding, in which the men sit in the courtyard in the morning and get dressed.

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They are blindfolded as a joke and in this custom some women joke with the groom. As can be seen in this video, a woman is going to run away by jumping on the groom during this ritual. But the bridegroom grabs her hand.

The woman who raises her hand falls. But in Sasaria, the atmosphere becomes a bit strange. Some people make fun of such rituals and even make videos viral on social media. The woman fell to the ground after being hit and people even made fun of her.

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