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Leopard suddenly enters the house, the young man came in the dark on a white day - watch the heartbreaking video

Dangerous videos of animals often go viral on social media. There are many such videos of lions, leopards and snakes, which make our eyes water. 

One such video is now going viral on social media, which will make you cry. This video is of a leopard, in which he is seen attacking a person. People are annoyed watching this video.

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The video is rapidly going viral on social media. The video was shared by IFS officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter. In the video you can see a man running very fast in the corridor. Later a leopard is seen jumping in the air very angrily. Seeing the way the leopard has jumped, it seems that he is attacking this person and that person is fleeing to save his life.

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This video is rapidly going viral on the internet. The video has been viewed more than 25,000 times so far. People are reacting to the video. One user commented and wrote, curious to know what happened next? Another user wrote, My heartbeat is still fast. 

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