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LIC's new scheme:Deposit Rs 150 in the name of daughter in this special scheme of LIC, you will get Rs 22 lakh at the time of marriage

The name of this scheme is LIC Kanyadan Policy
1 lakh for study and other expenses every year till the daughter gets married

If you are saving money for your daughter then you have a cool scheme. Where you can invest for your daughter's good future. Today we are telling you about one of LIC's policies in which you can protect your daughter's future.

Life Insurance Corporation of India, the country's largest government insurer, has introduced a special scheme for it. The name of this scheme is LIC Kanyadaan policy. LIC has launched this scheme for low income families in the country. LIC's scheme helps low-income parents raise money for their daughters' weddings. She will get Rs 22 lakh in her daughter's account at once.

What is a skim?
Under this LIC policy, you only have to invest Rs. 150 per day. You will get Rs 22 lakh when your daughter gets married. No investment is required if the father dies after taking this policy. The policy will continue in the same way. In addition, Rs 10 lakh will be given immediately on the death of the father. Apart from that, if the father dies in an accident, he gets Rs 20 lakh.

special feature of this policy is that it will continue to receive Rs. 1 lakh per annum for study or other expenses till the marriage of the daughter. As well as this policy will continue. You can visit LIC's website for more information about this policy or get complete information from your nearest LIC agent.

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