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LIVE rescue operation

LIVE rescue operation:Building collapses in Dariapur, Ahmedabad, fire brigade team rescues three people

The rescue team immediately rushed to the scene, informing the fire brigade team

The middle part of the house collapsed early this morning outside Lakhota Pol in Dariapur area of ​​Ahmedabad city, killing the father, son and daughter-in-law of the same family. The fire brigade team quickly rescued all the people and sent them to the hospital for treatment. Divya Bhaskar's team reached the spot and got a glimpse of the entire situation.

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The house is located on the road near Lakhota Pol in Dariapur area. The family of three brothers in the house was running a steam press business in the house with their father. One brother lived there, the other two brothers' family lived elsewhere. More people would have been injured if all family members had been present at night and part of the building had collapsed. Fortunately though they survived.

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Names of the injured

* Irfan Pirbhai Sheikh (39 years)

* Irfan Sheikh in Resh (28 years)

* Pirbhai Ramjubhai Sheikh (70 years)

The three were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The three brothers were
running a steam press business in the house when the house collapsed. Amarbanu Sheikh, a member of the injured family, said in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar that Irfanbhai Sheikh and father-in-law Pirbhai Sheikh lived in the house. The three brothers run a steam press business in the house. Every morning we come here with the family to work on the building. 

We were present at home this morning. That's when we found out that the building had collapsed, so we rushed here with the family. Irfanbhai, Reshmaben and Pirbhai have been rushed to hospital with injuries. A public notice has been issued by the fire brigade team that there is a dangerous building outside the building.

Father, son and daughter-in-law lived in the house.

middle part of the house was weakened. Among the houses around Dariapur Lakhota Pol, it was found to be years old. The building is one storey, with the gallery on the outside and the upper part in a dilapidated condition. There are cracks at the top. The roof was also covered with plastic to prevent rain water from leaking. The middle part of the building was weakened. The adjoining houses were also found to be scary. A building next door was found erected on a part on an iron partition.

The owner and tenant lived in this two-story house.

Tea to make a turn on the gas and the blast
was two months ago to take the early morning gas leakage Batllò Neminath Society, Navrangpura area of the city located near the sakamarketa fire and blast. A two-story building collapsed due to fire and blast, killing two women on the spot, while four people were injured and three were rushed to hospital for treatment. Upon learning of the incident, 10 vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot and carried out rescue operations. Police also rushed to the spot following the incident. According to the fire brigade, the gas bottle in the two-storey building may have leaked overnight and may have caught fire and exploded while making tea in the morning or for some other reason, although the exact cause is not yet known. The owner and tenant lived in a two-story house.

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