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Local and global companies say this will expand the phone market, hurting companies like Micromax and Lava

Geophone Next will hit: 

Reliance Jio and Google have launched the world's cheapest smartphone 'Geophone Next' in a partnership. Gionee's smartphone, which is already dominating the 4G network in the Indian market, could be a huge success. Local and global companies in the market believe that this phone will expand the market.


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The company dropped the Rs 7,000 segment two years ago,
says a senior Chinese major. Due to competition, it is shifting telecom companies to the web. All the major companies said goodbye to the Rs 7,000 segment 2 years ago, as customers also needed good specifications along with good smartphones. No one thought that Geo would bring a big movement in this sector on the breath of money. Now more and more people are using mobile phones. Geo is leading at the moment. Geophone Next will work to upgrade the market.

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Shaomi head Manu Jain says the phone market will expand at Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000. "We are considering the possibility of upgrading the brand name," he said. This is due to the individual support of the brand new mobile phones that acquire Dependence Industries' cheap 4G mobile phones. Our company believes that any type of tool priced between Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 will only represent the expansion of the total mobile phone market. Will definitely contribute to the total market rather than taking a partnership from anyone. Dependence Industries is banking on ultra affordable 4G smartphones with Google to target India's 300 million (300 million) 2G feature phone customers.

Currently 2G users are using phones up to Rs 1,200.
IDC India's Research Study Supervisor, Custom Instruments and IPDS, Navkendra Singh said that if Geo aims to reach 20 to 30 crore feature phone users, the company will have to keep the price of Geophone Next below Rs 3,000. Currently feature phone users use feature phones up to Rs 1200. We can't predict that they will shift at a price ranging from Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000. If the new phone is around 000 5000 it may not fulfill the initial purpose. But it will definitely affect Samsung, iTel and other Indian companies.

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Nakul Kumar, founder and chief operating officer of Cashify, says that if the price of a smartphone is less than Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000, consumers will rush to it. Geo has developed a lot for its followers in recent times, Geo and Google's new smartphone can attract the consumer to this tool because, its price is low. He claimed that brands like Xiaomi, Realmy, Lava and Micromax will have to face new Made in India competition. So far, companies like Lava and Micromax have been making a comeback in the market to attract customers.

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