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LPG customers can change their distributor whenever they want, find out when this new feature will start and what will change?

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Will change the method of booking cylinders online, customers have the option to choose a distributor, know all the information about the government's pilot project
LPG customers will get refill booking portability facility, find out what is this plan and its benefits


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The government is going to give a big relief to the people who use LPG in their homes. Customers using LPG will now be able to decide for themselves from which distributor they want to refill gas, i.e. they will have the option to choose the distributor of their choice. The facility has been named Refill Booking Portability and could be launched next week in the form of a pilot project in selected cities of the country. What is a complete plan, how will you benefit from it? How can you change your distributor while sitting at home?

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What is the rule now?
Right now if you book a gas-cylinder and the distributor from which you have taken the connection delivers your cylinder, i.e. all the facilities related to your gas are provided by that distributor from the distributor from whom you have taken the gas-connection. You do not have the option to change the distributor.


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What will change with this plan?
You will have the option to select a distributor when you book a new cylinder after the scheme is implemented in your city. You will see a list of all the distributors in your area. You can select it by looking at the distributor's rating and other features. The cylinder will be delivered to you only by the distributor of your choice.

What is a distributor rating?

Whenever you buy or search for anything on Google, you see a star rating. This rating shows how good the product or service is. 5 star rating means best rating and 1 star means worst.

The distributor will be rated in the same way. The higher the rating of the distributor, the better the facility. You will also see the rating of each distributor when you book a cylinder. This way you can choose the best distributor for you.

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What will be the distributor selection process

You can go to website and log-in with your LPG ID.
Register after logging in if you are not already registered.
Here you will find distributor information according to your area.
After selecting the distributor you will be sent a form for confirmation in a mail.
You are changing distributors or the information will be sent to your current distributor.
The current distributor may request you not to change your distributor over the phone in 3 days.
If you wish to stay with the current distributor, they will have the option to cancel your request.
If you want to change the current distributor you can ask him for this over the phone. It will immediately transfer your connection to a new distributor.
If the current distributor does not transfer your connection within 3 days, your connection will be automatically transferred to the new distributor on the fourth day.
You will not need to deposit your cylinder and other materials. You don't even have to go to a distributor. The entire process will be online.


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You will not be charged a registration fee, security deposit or any other charge for this entire process.

Will people across the country benefit?
No. The project is currently in the form of a pilot project. The government has selected 5 cities in the country for this, where the scheme will start. These cities include Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Pune and Ranchi. If the pilot project is successful, the scheme could be gradually launched in other cities as well.

When will the scheme start?
The government is going to start the scheme in these 5 cities soon. According to a distributor in Ranchi, the scheme is likely to be launched from next week.

Will the method of booking cylinders also change online?
No. There will be no change in the whole process of booking a cylinder other than choosing a distributor.

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