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Men more at risk of covid-19 than women; Explain to an expert at Men's Health Week why and how

Bhaskar Explaner: 

There has been a lot of research around the world that proves that the Kovid-19 epidemic has affected men more. Not only do they have an infection rate, but they also have a higher proportion of males than females. This is the infection and its effects. The economic downturn that this epidemic has caused has also had a greater impact on men. Large numbers of people have lost their jobs and employment. As a result, they are suffering from mental illnesses like depression and stress.

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Men's Health Week (June 14-20, 2021) is being celebrated around the world at this time of the Corona epidemic. It discusses health issues affecting men and especially young people. In it we spoke with Dr. Ashish Sabharwal, Senior Consultant Urologist, Andrologist and Robotic Surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Did they know why Covid-19 is affecting more men only? What do studies around the world say about this? What kind of problems are men facing?

Corona more dangerous for women or for men?

For men. There have been several studies around the world examining the effects of corona on women and men. In February, PGIMER researchers in Chandigarh found that 65% of corona patients were men and 35% were women.

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Thus a study published in Frontiers in Public Health in April says that men were more likely than women to cope with the severe symptoms of covid. Chinese researchers claim that 70% of corona patients are men. Similar results came after the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003.
A WHO study found that 63% of deaths from covid-19 in Europe were caused by male victims. A study was conducted on the deaths of hospitalized patients in Rome in March. It was found that 8% of men admitted to the hospital died, while the death rate of hospitalized women was 5%. In April, the New York City Department of Health reported 43 deaths per 100,000 men, compared to 23 per 100,000 women.


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There are no separate statistics for women and men on the number of infected patients in India. Neither is the difference between the dead. Even in the United States, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) does not provide separate figures for men and women.


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Is there a biological reason for this?

Yes. Men's blood contains more angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) than women's blood, according to a study published in the May 10 issue of the Men's Health Network. Corona virus infects healthy cells only in the presence of ACE2. It is clear that men are more at risk of infection as they have higher ACE2 receptors.
Men's immune systems are also weaker than women's. Researchers say that women's immune systems are stronger than men's because of the extra X chromosomes. Responds immediately to infection. There were even two clinical trials in the United States. In it, the scientists also gave men sex hormones like estrogen along with Covid-19 to see how much it helps in recovery.
A study published in Healthline also says that men are careless. Smoking, drinking and other habits are even more so. It is clear that men are more likely to have a pre-existing disease if they have a Covid-19 infection.

What kind of problems are men facing even after recovering from covid?

The second wave of Covid-19 in India saw a number of new diseases. From black fungus to happy hypoxia and pneumonia. He damaged many parts of the body. Increased risk of many diseases.
The current study found that stress levels were higher in men than in women. Somewhere along the way this also affects their sex life. It affects everyone from erectile dysfunction to fertility. The study was conducted in Italy. It is claimed that damage to the cardiovascular system is causing erection problems.

Not only have men had respiratory infections but also increased cardiovascular problems. In many cases, hormonal changes have also reduced the amount of hair on the face and body. Some men have even seen abnormal growth in the chest. In addition, lack of desire for sex is also seen as a major problem in male patients.

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