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Millions of people are holding their stomachs and laughing after watching this video, whether you see it or not

Many videos of animals or people often go viral on social media. It is viewed and shared by a large number of people. One such video is currently making waves on the Internet.

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One child is roaming on the road and a total of 2 dogs are reacting to him. People are liking this video very much. The whereabouts of the video are yet to be ascertained but IPS officer Deepanshu Kabra shared the video on his Twitter account.

At the same time, they have written a message that we should learn from this child the art of standing at the door of trouble and having fun without worries. Some children as well as elders are scared even though there is a door but this child is having fun.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

As can be clearly seen in this video, a total of 2 small dogs are seen inside a house while 2 children are going somewhere on a bicycle. Then one of the children reaches the dogs standing on the other side of the door and starts barking.


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Dogs have no idea what a child is doing. The dogs start barking and barking when they see the baby breaking. When the child stops barking, the dog also stops. When the baby dances again, the dog also starts again.

The video, shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra, has been viewed by over 127,000 people so far. A total of over 1,600 people have liked this video. In addition, a total of 322 users have reacted to this video. A total of 287 people retweeted this video of just 49 seconds.

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