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Modi government will give cheap electricity to people! Find out what the new plan is.

The central government is now working on a special policy on green tariffs. Under it, the consumption of green energy will be increased. India is now working on green tariffs for electricity distribution. Using clean energy will help strengthen the units. Its rule will be announced soon. Modi government will give cheap electricity is also superb magic time.

India is now working on green tariffs for electricity distribution. Under it, electricity generated by power companies for clean energy projects will be cheaper than electricity generated from coal or other conventional fuels. Union Power and Renewable Energy Minister Raj Kumar Singh informed us about the plan on Tuesday. He said that this would help in strengthening the units using clean energy in India. It is being built as the world’s largest clean energy program.

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“His rule will be annonced soon,” Sinha said. Sinha said that after the implementation of the plan, the power distribution company would buy green energy exclusively and supply it at a ‘green tariff’.

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What is the current situation?
Currently, if a company buys green energy from electricity companies, they have to contract with a clean energy developer. This process is completed in the commercial and industrial segments. Electricity distribution companies currently buy renewable energy as needed.

Solar tariff at a minimum level
The move by the central government comes at a time when solar and wind energy tariffs have fallen to an all-time low. Solar tariff is now priced at Rs 1.99 per unit and wind power at Rs 2.43 per unit. India aims to increase its renewable capacity to 175 gigawatts by 2022. It has 1000 gigawatts of solar power.

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