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More than 75% of paying guests in the state will be closed as schools and colleges close in Corona, PG fares will also come down - PG administrators

First time business slowed down:  More than 75% of paying guests in the state will be closed as schools and colleges close in Corona, PG fares will also come down - PG administrators

Big financial loss to PG managers of Ahmedabad, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Vadodara
Since there are no students, the business of PG administrators is based only on the job class

The school-college closure for the past one year due to Corona has caused a student-centric mess for PG administrators. It has been more than a year now, so the big question for the managers involved in the PG business is how to deduct the daily expenses. In some cities, including Ahmedabad, 20 to 25 per cent PG centers are running, depending on the working class only. Even if the colleges start in Teva, PG administrators believe that it will take time to sit down again given the current Corona situation.


Gujarat board exam will also be canceled

Rs. 2 lakh 60 thousand to a loss
of Ahmedabad, Shah said the credit for running the PG Center, Ahmedabad is approximately 3 thousand more PG centers, most of which are closed for business administrators. He was paid Rs. Losses ranging from Rs 60,000 to over Rs 2 lakh are being incurred. PG operators run a paying guest service by renting a flat, bungalow or in some cases a building. Depending on the area, Rs. Rents range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 70,000. Apart from this, property tax, maintenance cost of the building has to be borne. In addition, some of the students who have gone to their homes have not received rent, which has resulted in huge losses.

Most PGs have been locked up for the past one year

Ahmedabad PG administrators turned to other businesses
had evacuated the building managers about 70 percent of running the PG to rent in the city said Modi Karthik, running 14 years, PG and is waiting to be made in the normal condition, some administrators, the building was not recent enough students Has been emptied. So some people have turned to other businesses and started a vegetable business, some as a broker, some have started a grocery store. In Ahmedabad, about 3 lakh students come from different cities or districts to study.

Sussam PG without students of CG Road area

Now people will be limited to a room
of Vadodara is said Rakesh Punjabi leveling PG, PG Vadodara important business due to some of the largest private university in addition to the MS. Fatehganj, Vaghodia area of ​​the city has the highest number of PGs. There are about 500 PGs in Vadodara. Although it is currently closed, when the students return, more vigilance will be required due to the corona, so that a limited number of students will have to be kept in one room than before.

Limited students will have to be kept in one room because of Kovid

According to Chetan Savlia of New Age Realty in Ahmedabad, when students return, PG fares will be reduced by 10-15%. Because of Corona, the chances of students coming to the city as early as possible are very low. So the PG administrators are assuming that the students they get will have to pay PG even at a lower rent. At the same time, some of the rented properties that have been vacated have also come to the market for sale.

Girls PG located in Navrangpura area

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Status of PG Administrators
in Vallabh Vidyanagar As there is Sardar Patel University in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Kafodi Anand district, students from all over the state come for study. An estimated 2500 to 3000 PG centers are located here. Jayesh Shah, who has been involved in the paying guest business in Vallabh Vidyanagar for the last 11 years, says that besides the state, an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 students from neighboring states come to study in Vallabh Vidyanagar, so this is their main occupation, but the college campus has been closed for over a year. , So that their condition has become miserable.

Navrangpura has a PG with a capacity of 30 to 200 students

Only 20-25% of working class PGs in metros are working with
corona and mini lockdowns in the corporate sector, from work to home, to 50% of staff. As a result, the number of people from different parts of the state doing such jobs and living in PGs has also come down drastically. Over the past 10 to 15 years, managers who have been involved in the PG business for some time, who own their own property, have been seen renting out single-room rooms.

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