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Mumbai:In a society in Ghatkopar, a parking slab broke and a car parked on it sank into a well in 10 seconds, watch the shocking video

It has been raining continuously in Mumbai for the last few days. The meteorological department has forecast heavy rains in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad till June 13. 

Many questions were raised about the whole incident. The BMC then clarified that they have nothing to do with the incident. The incident belongs to a private society in Ghatkopar area. 

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At the same time, questions are also being raised on social media as to how the car can fit inside the road in this way. Now the answer has also come up. It is said that there was a 100 year old well in that area of Ghatkopar.


Meanwhile, a car sank in a well in the parking lot of a society in Ghatkopar area. The video has also been circulating on social media. Importantly, there was earlier a well in the society which was filled with a slab of RCC.

The RCC's slab was broken due to heavy rains over the last few days and the car parked on it sank into the well. No casualties were reported in the accident. The BMC said in a statement that it would not allow the corporation to comment on the incident.

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There was a car park on the 100 year old well
. The culprit said that water was being drained from the pit by an electric pump. BMC's pump has also arrived. The vehicle will be pulled out with the help of a crane. Dr. The accused said that there was a well in the area where the pit had fallen. The well was about 100 years old. It was then completed. Yet this tragedy did occur.

Further, the BMC said that the Greater Mumbai team has been dispatched to the spot on an immediate basis. The vehicle will be taken out by late night.

The owner of the car, Dr. Kiran Doshi said that in February last year, Hyundai bought the Venue car for Rs 10 lakh. It also had insurance. However, the condition of the car is now such that it cannot be repaired. Dr. Doshi says that now this car has to be scrapped.

Dr. Doshi said that the boy who came to clean the car around 8 in the morning said that your car has started sliding in the ground, come soon. We reached downstairs and were taking photos when the car sank into the ground in front of our eyes. He said the well is 100-150 years old. Everyone was parking there. There was no problem with that.

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