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Nashik family claims:After the vaccination, iron-steel luggage started hitting the body of the old man, even the doctors who were examining him were surprised, the government will investigate.

Arvind says he wishes

A very surprising incident has come up from Nashik district of Maharashtra. One family claims that an elderly member of their family developed a magnetic field after taking a second dose of the corona vaccine. Now spoons, steel and iron utensils and coins are easily stuck on his body.

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All of this material sticks out as if the magnet was sticking to the iron. After receiving information about the incident, Health Minister Rajesh Tope has ordered an inquiry into the incident. On Thursday, he said information on what is a fact in the case should come to light. Is there any medical reason behind it or is there any other reason it is being investigated. However, the family has also produced a video to certify the incident. In which it is clear that a spoon, a small plate and small utensils used in the house are sticking to his body.


The dog was sitting on the sofa watching TV and all of a sudden it happened that you would be blown away by the video.

To the surprise of the doctors, the
family will send a report to the Maharashtra government. The family has prepared a video of the incident and informed the district administration about it. The local administration also had a team of doctors arrive here on Wednesday for an investigation and they were taken by surprise. Arriving to examine Arvind Sonar, Dr Ashok Thorat said, "We are investigating the incident." This is a subject of research and it would be too early to comment. For now, we will send a report in this regard to the Government of Maharashtra and work as per their guidelines.

According to Dr Naveen Bazi of City Hospital, Nashik, this is the first time that iron and steel goods have stuck to one hand after vaccination. He should consult a doctor at a private hospital where he has taken the vaccine. However, such an incident had never happened before. This is a subject of research.

Arvind Jagannath Sonar, 71, a resident of Shivaji Chowk area of Nashik, had completed both doses of Kovishield on June 2. He then claimed that this power had come into his body. Earlier, the family felt that these things were clinging to their bodies due to sweating, but many times this also changed their perception.

The family has confirmed this in several ways.
Arvind's son Jayant also gave information that he was watching the news. I saw some coins on my father's body part. At first I thought he would be asleep and when he woke up the coins lying on the bed due to sweat would have hit him. After a while he stuck some other things with the body then our assumption changed completely. However, we bathed him to confirm this and re-checked that even the normal weight material would stick with his body.

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