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New strain found in Pune's National Institute of Virology, weight loss-harmful to lungs

Deadly variant found again in India:  New strain found in Pune's National Institute of Virology, weight loss-harmful to lungs

The new variant is just as dangerous as the Delta variant

Amidst the situation under Corona's control in India, scary news has come to light. The National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune has discovered a new type in the genome sequencing of coronaviruses. According to a report in the Times of India, this variant has been seen in people who came to India from Britain and Brazil. The Institute has named it B. It is as serious as the Delta variant found in India. This can lead to serious symptoms of corona in people who are infected.

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The need for screening for the vaccine
After studying the variant it was found that it can make people seriously ill. The need for screening to see if the vaccine is effective against this variant has been stated. This study of NIV has been published online in bioRxiv.

While another study from the same institute said that the indigenous corona vaccine covexin is also effective against this variant and the antibodies produced by two doses of the vaccine can neutralize this variant.

The study said that Indian covacin is also effective against this variant. This variant can be neutralized with antibodies made from 2 doses of this vaccine.

Weight loss will be
followed by fatigue and constant tiredness . Health experts say that a person begins to lose weight when the transition from variant B. occurs. The rapid spread of the infection causes damage to the patient's lungs. This variant can injure the lungs and cause serious damage. This study emphasizes the need for genome surveillance of Covid, so that newer variants of the Corona can be identified as soon as possible.


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So far 30,000 samples in 10
labs Genome Sequencing Labs are looking for mutants that are the reason behind the sudden surge in corona transition. Currently about 30,000 samples have been produced by 10 national labs under Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing NowConsortia (INSACOG) respectively. The central government is also working to increase resources for genome sequencing. With this in mind, 18 more labs have been added to the consortium so far.

People are facing various problems due to Delta variant.

The second wave became dangerous due to delta strain.
Delta or B.1.617 strain also known as double mutant strain has been found in large numbers in Maharashtra and Delhi. This has badly affected the second wave of epidemics here. The B.1.617 variant was found in more than half of the genome sequencing samples in some cities in the country's most affected state, Maharashtra.

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Severe symptoms of gangrene were also seen in the
Delta variant. People are facing various problems due to the Delta variant in India. Because of this variant, corona patients are also showing symptoms that are not commonly seen in them. Doctors in the country have found that symptoms such as hearing loss, gas related problems, blood clots and gangrene are also caused by the Delta variant. The claim was made in a Bloomberg report citing infectious disease expert Abdul Gafoor.

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