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Now there will be no shortage of this black fungus medicine in the country, this big decision was taken by the prime minister Modi government

➡️The central government has banned the export of amphotericin-B injections used in the treatment of black fungus.

➡️A notification issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade states that amphotericin-B injections are now placed in the restricted category and therefore cannot be exported.

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➡️The order states that exporters will now have to seek the approval of the Director General of Foreign Trade to send amphotericin-B injections abroad. Exports of amphotericin-B injections have been banned with immediate effect, the notice said.

➡️Amphotericin-B injection will no longer be in short supply in the country after the central government's export

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ban. It may be mentioned that earlier in the meeting held in Delhi, there was an extensive discussion on Kovid and Black Fung and some important decisions were taken. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram told a press conference that steps have been taken by the GST Council to increase the availability of vital equipment required for the treatment of covid 19.

He said the issue of Kovid related devices has been the main agenda of the meeting and the matter has been discussed in detail. However some other issues were also raised and discussed at the meeting.

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ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

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➡️ The finance minister said that in view of the rising cases of black fungus in the country, the council has also exempted the drug ampotresin-B used in its treatment from GST. While IGST exemption on import of covid relief materials has been extended till 31st August.

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