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O Baap Re:The elephant broke the porch and overturned the car, the groom got out of the buggy and ran away.

O Baap Re:

Gajraj terrorized a wedding in Uttar Pradesh. Here Jaan came to Amlapur Malwa village. There was a wedding of the night and an elephant with a buggy was also called for the groom. 

However, before the wedding ceremony could begin, the elephant suddenly became uncontrollable. As the elephant began to wreak havoc the guests began to partake in the party plot. At first, the angry Gajraj started turning the mandap upside down.

 Turning the porch upside down and returning the elephant, the groom got out of the buggy and ran. Not only the bridegroom but also the gardener started running away. The elephant, meanwhile, kept moving towards the carts. 


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The elephant hit the trunk and turned the car upside down like a toy. The elephant also damaged some houses in the village after the car overturned. Unable to control the mahout, the convoy had to be called from three police stations. The elephant was finally seized by the police after a struggle of hours.

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