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Only 26 people tested positive after taking second dose of Corona vaccine in Mumbai, first dose vaccine is also effective

Survey Disclosure: 

According to the survey, only 26 out of 2.9 lakh people came to Corona after taking the second dose
One million people in Mumbai have been given both doses of the vaccine

The vaccine is the most effective weapon in the fight against corona. This was confirmed in a survey of 2.9 lakh corona patients in Mumbai. The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) conducted a survey of 2 lakh 90 thousand corona patients from January 1 to June 17. Which found that not only the second dose of the vaccine, but also the first dose is well effective.

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According to the survey, only 26 out of 2.9 lakh people succumbed to corona after taking the second dose. When 10,500 people felt the transition after taking the first dose. According to BMC figures, between January 1, 2021 and June 17, 2021, about 40 lakh 75 thousand 393 people were vaccinated in Mumbai. Only 0.23% of them tested positive for corona.


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second wave saw 3.95 lakh new patients in Mumbai, according to figures obtained from the BMC's War Room, a hospital with mostly home isolation in the survey . Of these, War Room contacted 2.9 lakh patients and surveyed them. Most of them were patients with home isolation. According to the BMC, more than 1 lakh people were admitted to the hospital in the meantime, pending their entry.

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BMC's acting health officer Dr. "We hope to see the same trend," said Mangala Gomar. "We have asked each hospital to submit the data of the admitted patients separately. Most of the hospitals have submitted their reports," he said. "These numbers show that vaccines are effective in preventing serious infections in most populations," he added.

According to current government figures, 53.83 lakh people in Mumbai have been vaccinated so far, out of which 10 lakh people have been given both doses of the vaccine.

One million people in Mumbai have been given both doses of the vaccine.

BMC is going to
conduct the fifth sero survey BMC is now going to conduct the fifth sero survey in Mumbai in view of the third wave of Corona. The CIRO survey will be conducted on people above 18 years of age. It will tell you how many people have developed antibodies. The survey is also being conducted in 24 wards. Samples of 4 thousand people will be taken in it.


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The fourth sero survey was conducted among people under the age of 18.
Mumbai was the worst affected state after the outbreak of corona in the country last year. BMC conducted the first survey in July 2020 and the second in August 2020. Then in March 2021, BMC conducted a third survey in all 24 wards. The fourth CIRO survey was recently conducted among people under the age of 18, the report of which is yet to come.

Antibodies were found
in 41.6% of people in the slums. The third sero survey found antibodies in 41.6% of the people in the slum area, while the first survey in July found 57% in the area and the second sero survey in August found 45% antibodies. However, a third-party survey found that 41% more people in slum areas were infected with corona than people living in buildings and did not even know it.

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