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Only 5.60 lakh people were vaccinated in Patil's Navsari, the highest number of 13.73 lakh people were vaccinated in Bardoli tribal seat.

Vaccination in 26 parliamentary seats: 

Ahmedabad (East) -Amreli constituency also included in Loid-5 of Kovid vaccination, MPs do not take initiative for vaccination
Impressive performance of Sabarkantha in second dose vaccination, more awareness among the people about vaccination in tribal areas

Vaccination is slowly increasing in Gujarat. At present Gujarat is ranked third in the country in vaccination. At that time, according to the constituency of MPs in Gujarat, 13.73 lakh people have been vaccinated in Bardoli, while C. R. In Patil's Navsari, only 5.60 lakh people have been vaccinated. BJP state president and Navsari constituency MP C.R. Patil is being included in the parliamentary constituency with low vaccination.

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There have been many allegations in Gujarat that leaders did not leave their homes during the Corona period. At the same time, it is often argued that Corona's case has increased due to rallies held by political parties in the elections. There have also been cases of leaders violating the rules of social distance and masks in their programs. There have been allegations that even after the vaccination started, they did not come to their constituencies for awareness.

Superstitious vaccination in the villages
does not take away the fear from the minds of the people by taking the low corona vaccine. Especially in the villages of Saurashtra and North Gujarat, people are running away from the name of vaccine. They are afraid that they will get the disease after getting the corona vaccine. 


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Although this is just a rumor, as millions of people in Gujarat have taken the vaccine and they are good, but fear and superstition have prevailed in some villages against vaccination, so health workers are explaining to people about the vaccine.

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Leaders should come out to increase vaccination
Vaccination is on the rise in urban areas, although vaccination is not yet as widespread as it should be in rural areas. Health workers are trying to persuade people. There is a popular demand that leaders should come out to persuade people in their constituencies to get vaccinated.

More than 2 crore people
have been vaccinated in Gujarat More than 2 crore people have been vaccinated in Gujarat so far, in which a total of 1.59 crore people have been given first dose while 46 lakh people have been given second dose of vaccine. So far, 87.95 lakh men have been given the first dose of the vaccine in Gujarat, while 73.30 lakh women have been given the first dose.

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