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People are getting used to new models and safety updates, despite being expensive, restrictions on Apple users

IPhone's iTrap !:People are getting used to new models and safety updates, despite being expensive, restrictions on Apple users

If you were to choose between a luxury Android and an iPhone, who would you choose? Maybe your answer would be the iPhone. Millions of people around the world are die hard fans of the iPhone, but its price is not affordable to the common man. It can also be said that the general public's budget may be disrupted after its purchase. IPhone lovers who can't afford an iPhone comfort themselves in such a way that the iPhone can't do much. Let's understand it with an example ...

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Have you ever tried swapping Siri for a good voice assistant on iPhone?
Have you ever tried to buy e-books from the Kindle app?
Ever sent an iMessage to an Android smartphone user?
Have you ever backed up your iPhone to Google Drive?
Have you ever found Apple parts to repair an iPhone?

The answer to all these five questions is simply no. If you don't believe you can ask any of your friends. Even if you are going to buy your first iPhone, you have to say 'Best of Luck'.

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Users of updated iPhones and security
are getting used to it, said Jeffrey A. Fowler, a technology columnist for The Washington Post, who has been using the iPhone for the past 12 years. Most people don't want to replace the iPhone, but they're getting used to Apple's new updates. The company is constantly advancing the iPhone. The company says it is protecting our security and privacy while also controlling whether to lock the iPhone. All this Apple is doing to make more money. Jeffrey says the iPhone owner should have the right to know that he can get full access to his device.

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Pressure on developers using stores
It became clear in a hearing this week how harmful Apple's erratic power is becoming to consumers. Apple has demanded a 30% commission for bringing Epic's video game 'Fortnight' to the App Store. Developers will have to make this payment because Apple only allows the App Store to install the app on the iPhone.

Apple feels like it is tying our hands for good though. During the Fortnight trial, Team Cook said that Apple wanted to make its software and hardware easier for users by removing complicated technology from the iPhone. The company says that's why it gets a satisfying rating from most iPhone users.


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Apple prefers to remain silent about satisfaction rating
Apple never mentions that Android smartphone maker Samsung has received a higher rating in the Independent American Consumer Satisfaction Index. Apple got 80 and Samsung got 81. Compared to Apple, Samsung gives users 2 voice assistant choices. So the consumer can download any app from different app stores. Jeffrey says it's not that Samsung is better than the iPhone but it's good at talking about what the company has banned on the iPhone.

Apple has monopolized the idea of ​​imposing a complete ban on the Basic Products function. Apple charges for removing ads on its Arcade, Fitness Plus, TV Plus, iCloud storage services. So in iOS 14.5, Siri can be asked to stream to Spotify instead of Apple Music.

Apps and subscriptions can be obtained from all stores
What Apple does: The company only gives permission to the App Store on the iPhone. This means you can't install apps from any other source without the App Store. It means that he determines his own value. The company itself decides which apps are to be allowed and which are not. The company says it reviews all the apps itself so the user's privacy and security remain in control.

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Why we should be independent
Apple's control makes the iPhone more expensive for the user. The company charges 30% commission from app developers. Who should have permission in the App Store when Apple makes a unilateral decision? Not everyone agrees with that. In comparison, Android users have many options with Google, Samsung, Amazon App Store.

IMessage and FaceTime should be for all users.
Limiting iMessage and FaceTime also reduces the use of the iPhone. Many of Apple's customers' family, friends and colleagues do not use the Apple device. Even iPhone owners can't read their messages on Windows PC.


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2 voice assistants can be selected

What Apple does: Apple's developed voice assistant limits the use of Wake Word and physical buttons in Siri's iPhone. We can deactivate Siri but not swap with Google Assistant.
Why Apple should stay open: Even if Siri has an update. We have become dependent on Siri for smart home service. We also have other good options available. Samsung offers homemade Bixby with Google along with Galaxy smartphones. Even though iPhone users are currently saying 'Hey Siri', they may prefer 'OK Google'.

Shopping for movies, e-books and digital media

What Apple does: Apple approves the same app for movies, e-books, music that is made just for it.
Why Apple should stay open: iPhone users can buy a canoe for પર 11,000 (about Rs 8 lakh) on Amazon, but not an e-book for 10 10 (about Rs 700). Apple's restrictions are removing users from stores where it is getting good prices and selections. Amazon for movies is now a member of Apple's Video Partner Program. He now has access to direct movie selling.

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Selection of own default app

What Apple does: Last year iOS offered the opportunity to select a mail and web browsing app, but the iPhone still doesn't allow you to select default apps for work including messages, calls, cameras and maps.
Why Apple Should Be Open: Competition will encourage apps that are connected to all the necessary work to make their developers better. For example, the camera app with special features is already one of the most popular downloads on the iPhone.

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