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Pre-monsoon operations in Bhuj city will not go awry, decision to keep 25 per cent of the contractor's amount as deposit

New initiative:  Pre-monsoon operations in Bhuj city will not go awry, decision to keep 25 per cent of the contractor's amount as deposit

The contractor cannot escape after completing premonsoon operations

Bhuj city, the district headquarters of Kutch, suffers from various problems in every monsoon season. A new process has been added to the advance planning by improving the rainwater disposal so that no havoc occurs this year.


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Premonsoon operations are also conducted in Bhuj every year. The municipality has been spending millions of rupees for this. However, during the monsoons, there are many problems such as overflowing of water, overflowing of sewers, non-discharge of water, besides, the contractors also do not respond after receiving the payment. This time the new body of Bhuj reform has set an example in the history of Bhuj.

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Since taking office, Municipal President Ghanshyambhai Thakkar has been visiting different parts of the city every morning to review the sanitation and water distribution operations and keep a close watch on the development work in the city. As the monsoon is approaching, as part of the pre-monsoon operation, cleaning of Bhuj's rain gutters, lake fires, aav, flow has been started.

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What will be the specialty of this pre-monsoon operation? In response to this question, the corrected President Ghanshyambhai Thakkar said that Bhuj Municipality has given the contract for cleaning the lowest amount till date. Has been. This work will be completed in 20 days.


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This is the first time that a condition has been laid down in the tender that the contractor will not be paid in full after cleaning. The remaining 25 per cent will be paid to the contractor only after the monsoon season is over The mayor also appealed to determine the strength of the work by keeping conditions in the tender.

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