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Rainy weather prevails in Junagadh, nature flourishes around Girnar, tourists ride ropeways in ropeway

Supernatural views: 


Tourists are enjoying the natural beauty up close because of the ropeway

Megharaja's threatening entry has already taken place in Junagadh district three days ago. At that time, the nature of Girnar and the surrounding area has flourished. The rainy weather in and around Girnar for the last three days has created wonderful scenes. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy this natural beauty up close due to the ropeway service.

After the rainy weather in Junagadh city, the sky is overcast. Due to which the tourists riding in the ropeway are now seen enjoying the ride among the clouds.

The springs and waterfalls have also come alive due to torrential rains in and around Girnar. The water flowing from the foot of the hill and the waterfall have also become a center of attraction for tourists nowadays.

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