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‘Ram rakhe ene kona chakhe’ - A two-storey building suddenly collapsed on a woman walking on the road, watch the video

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, has been receiving heavy rains for the past three days. The rains have disrupted normal life. Many places are flooded and water is being pumped out. Relief work is being carried out in Hyderabad due to heavy rains.

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Along with this the help of NDRF and army is also being taken here. Many people were placed under relief work on Wednesday. The state government had requested the army. Since then, army personnel have started relief and rescue operations in the Bandagguda area.

Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media. Which is well describing the situation in Hyderabad. Many such videos have gone viral here before. In which big carts are floating in the water.

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On the other hand, a video is coming in which a woman is walking on the road and suddenly a total of 2 storey building next to it collapsed. In this video you can see that when this incident happened, the woman was running right next to the building and ran to save her life. Also some vehicles are passing on the road. It also stops suddenly.

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However, by defeating death in an instant, this woman runs and saves her life. Many people have seen this video and said that the rescuer is bigger than the killer. In fact, it must have been written to live in this woman's life, that she escaped from that place in a moment and saved her life.

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Many buildings have collapsed in Hyderabad after heavy rains. Some people have even lost their lives in the rains. The state government had declared a holiday in schools, colleges and offices here on Wednesday and advised people to stay at home. A total of 9 people of the same family have died due to the collapse of a house in Gaganpahad area in Shamshabad.

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