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Reliance-Google launches world's cheapest smartphone 'Geophone Next', find out what will be the impact on Google's Pixel phone and other companies

Geophone Next launches: 

The phone's camera will support features like HDR, low light and night mode
The phone will support advanced features like voice assistant, automatic screen text reader, language translation, augmented reality

Reliance Industries has launched the world's cheapest smartphone 'Geophone Next' at its 44th AGM (Annual General Meeting). The smartphone has been jointly developed by Reliance Jio and Google. The phone will run on Google Android operating system. Of course, other Google services will also be available on the phone. The company is still in suspense over its price.

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What will be the impact of Geophone Next in India? Will it affect other companies' products with Google's Pixel smartphone? What will be its features and price? Let us know the answers to all these questions ...


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Price of less than 000 5000 will be the
sale of Geophone Next smartphone from Shri Ganesh 10th September i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi Day. There is still suspense about its price. Mukesh Ambani says that this will be the cheapest smartphone not only in this country but also in the world.


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The question is whether it will be the world's cheapest 4G or 5G. About this the company sources say that this phone will be 5G which will support 4G connectivity. It can cost around Rs 5,000.

Features of Geophone Next smartphone

The company has shared photos of this smartphone. It can be said that it will have a touchscreen display, but there is currently suspense over its size. Selfie cameras and sensors are seen in the front of the phone.
The back of the phone has a single rear AI camera and an LED flash light below it. Gio's logo is also on the back. It may act as a fingerprint sensor. Below is the speaker grille.
The rear camera of the phone will have features like HDR, low light and night mode. You will find a Snapchat lens for the front camera.
The right side of the phone has volume rockers at the top and a power button at the bottom. The left side of the phone is clean.
Looking at the screen of the phone, it can be said that it will run on the Android operating system. It shows folders of Google Apps and Geo Apps.
The phone will support advanced features like voice assistant, automatic screen text reader, language translation, augmented reality.
This phone will get constant updates. The phone will also get world class security and malware protection.

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What will be the impact on Google's Pixel smartphone?

Reliance has teamed up with Geophone Next in collaboration with Google. That means Google will monitor the phone's software. However, the phone will also have Geo apps and services. Google is also selling its Pixel smartphone in India. The basic variant of the Pixel smartphone is priced at Rs 31,999. So it is clear that there will be no collision between Pixel and Next. Even the Pixel is a premium category smartphone. While Geophone Next is the cheapest smartphone in the world.


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What will be the impact of Geophone Next in India?
Mukesh Ambani said at the launch of the phone during the AGM that '2G free 5G containing'. This means that the company aims to shift the country's 2G users to 5G. There are currently 450 million people in the country who do not use smartphones. Reliance Jio and Google focus on such users. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during Reliance's AGM that the people of India need to be connected to the Internet to get on the digital platform. So Reliance's Affordable Geophone Next will be a strong factor for it.

More than 400 million people have joined the Geo network. The number of Geo subscribers is growing rapidly compared to Airtel and Vi. By 2025, the number of Internet users in India could cross 90 crore. Geophone Next can play an important role in connecting people to the Internet and 5G network.

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clash Chinese companies currently dominate 75% of the smartphone market in the country. Especially companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realmy, OnePlus are in vogue. South Korean company Samsung is also doing well in India. The launch of Geophone Next in Teva could have a negative impact on other companies' markets. The company can offer enticing data in the next phone as well as Geophone.

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