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Revealed on Corona's Chinese connection

Revealed on Corona's Chinese connection:The British journalist said that the genes of 1 thousand animals, including monkeys and rabbits, were changed in the Wuhan lab; The animals were also injected with the virus

Experiments were also conducted on humans in Chinese labs, with the goal of building a powerful army

With the onset of the Corona epidemic, China is once again on the world stage. One more lawsuit is being filed against the Chinese city of Wuhan. According to the information received, the genes of more than 1 thousand animals have been changed with the help of genetic engineering in Wuhan's lab. This animal also includes monkeys and rabbits. The coronavirus spread all over the world from Wuhan. Jasper Baker, a British journalist who has lived in China for a long time, prepared a report based on many reports published in the Chinese media.


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The report was published in local newspapers on a priority basis, citing injections of the virus into animals in Chinese labs, which caused changes in their genes. The coronavirus is thought to have been spread by the type of material used inside the injection for this experiment. Apart from this, many experiments are being carried out in Chinese labs, which are banned in other countries of the world. Experiments are also being carried out on humans in China, which is unethical in other countries.


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China, which is conducting experiments on living animals, is trying to say that the labs in Wuhan and other places have been set up to search for biosecurity, with their safety in mind. It was observed here that seeing the pathogenic organisms kept in the test tube, the monkeys seem to run away, bite and bite.

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The lab has sick animals, of which 605 bats
Chinese expert has written many articles about Wuhan Lab, one of which is titled 'Possible Origin of Corona'. It said the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention has kept sick animals in its lab, including about 605 bats. These bats also attack researchers.

Shi Zhengli also infected several rats with the virus. (File image)

Claim - Female virologist draws coronavirus
Some Chinese experts say Wuhan virologist Xi Zhengli also visited some secret caves in which he discovered bats. In China, Zhengli is known as the 'Bat Woman'. Zangli may have produced the coronavirus in the same lab, as Xi Zangli also infected many rats with the virus.

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Chinese army maintains lab
According to the report, most of China's most dangerous labs are operating under the People's Liberation Army. The army is taking care of 2 things. The first is to create powerful soldiers by mutating genes and the second is to find micro-organisms that can be used to make biological weapons.

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