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Russians of this mango called 'Noorjahan' are also willing to pay up to Rs.1000 per fruit to taste it.

Hobbies:  Russians of this mango called 'Noorjahan' are also willing to pay up to Rs.1000 per fruit to taste it.

Picture of Noor Jahan Kerry.

Gujarat hobbyists are also among those who make advance bookings

Noor Jahan's mango is known all over the world for its heavy fruit. Noorjahan mango flavors were disappointing last year, but this year has been a good harvest. Such a heavy paki mango is being sold at very high prices all over the world. Not only this, with the help of this book people can book in advance. This type of mango, which is believed to be native to Afghanistan, is found in the Kathwada region of Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. This area is located near Gujarat. About 250 km from Indore. Shivrai Singh Jadhav, a mango grower from Kathwada, says, "I have three Noorjahan mangoes in my mango orchard, with a total of 250 fruits." It was booked a long time ago. One of its fruits costs Rs. Up to 1000.

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This time, the weight of one Nurjahan mango is two to three and a half kilos
. Horticulture experts say that this time in Madhya Pradesh, a mango of Noor Jahan mango weighs two to three and a half kilos. Vegetable Mansoor, who specializes in cultivating Noorjahan in Kathwada, says that this time the crop of Noorjahan has been good, but the mango trade has been affected due to the Kovid protocol.

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Not only Noorjahan mangoes in 2020 due to climate change Paki
Climate change has also affected Noorjahan mangoes . Last year, Noor Jahan's mangoes did not bloom, leaving many enthusiasts without a taste. Mansoor says the average weight of Nurjahan fruits in 2019 was around 2.75 kg. That year, buyers paid Rs. As high as 1200 was paid. A heavy fruit of Noor Jahan can be about one foot long, weighing 150 to 200 grams.

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