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Seeing this person will remind you of Bhim, running with a buffalo and a horse on his shoulder

 Seeing this person will remind you of Bhim, running with a buffalo and a horse on his shoulder

Most people may have seen or heard the famous Mahabharata of Hinduism on TV. While you may have seen and heard about son Bhima in this Mahabharata. 

He is believed to have had the power of ten thousand elephants. However, given the present times, it is impossible for anyone to have such power. But let us tell you that there is one person in the world whose strength you will be amazed at.

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People were amazed to see the power of a man named Dimitri Khaladji. Dmitry Khaladji, who lives in Ukraine these days, is getting a lot of discussion through social media. People are amazed at his strength on social media. 

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

Many photos and videos of Dimitri Khaladji have surfaced on social media, in which he has lifted heavy animals like oxen and horses on his shoulders. Not only that, but Dimitri Khaladji has also picked up 6 people at once.

There are many captivating pictures on the Instagram page of Dimitri Khaladji's unique feats, in one photo he is holding a young woman with one of his hands. It is said that Dimitri Khaladji, who used to work in a circus, was also famous for moving iron rods from one place to another with his teeth.

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Not only that, but in the next photo you can see that Dimitri Khaladji is also seen with the horse. Dimitri assumes the bull is also lost along with Khaladji, in another video he is holding the bull on his shoulder. Dimitri Khaladji's amazing videos and photos are going very viral on social media. Many users have given funny feedback and many users have also liked and shared this video.

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