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Started yoga at the age of 2 to overcome autism, became a celebrity by the age of 7 and a rich child earning Rs 11 lakh a month

Youngest Certified Yoga Trainer:  

Sun’s mother said, “Yoga is a priceless gift from God to my son

Her mother learned yoga for Sun.
He has taught yoga to over 100 people so far


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Sun Chuang, 11, has been teaching yoga in China. Sune has set 2 records so far. First, he is the youngest yoga teacher in China. Second, his monthly income is Rs 10.90 lakh. Along with this he has also become a rich man at a young age in China. Even difficult yoga is easily taught Sun is establishing its identity around the world.

Also able to teach tough yoga

Youngest Certified Yoga Trainer
According to Chinese media, Sun is the youngest yoga trainer in the world. Sun teaches people ancient Indian yoga. Many large yoga centers have also offered it.

Yoga made Sun famous

Sun started teaching yoga to more than 100 people at the age of 2. By the age of 6, he became famous all over the country due to his yoga. At the age of 7, Sun became a yoga celebrity. So far it has trended 100 people.

Overcoming autism through yoga,
Sun's mother said that at less than 2 years of age, Sun was diagnosed with autism. So I started taking him to the Yig Center. There he started learning yoga. Due to yoga, his talent came to the fore and autism was eradicated.

With the help of yoga, autism was eradicated

Many researches have claimed that with yoga, we can achieve autism. Doing yoga for children suffering from it improves their mental and physical development.

Sun has his mother's contribution in teaching yoga

Sunni's mother also took yoga training
Sunni's mother also learned yoga to save her son's life. He believes that yoga is an invaluable gift from God to my son.

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