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Students who want to make a career in technology will get help, business model will be explained through graphics in the course

Amazon launches machine learning program: 

In this program students will be made aware of machine learning so that students' skills can be used in industries.

Amazon India has launched an integrated learning program for students. It will inform the students about machine learning so that the skills of the students can be used in the industries. At the same time, he can make a great career in the new technology of the industries. Fundamental concept will be included in their curriculum. While in the 3 day course the practical application of Industries will be explained.

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Machine Learning Summer School Program
Students will be selected for this program through online examination. This course is for Bachelors, Masters or PhD students of Engineering Final Year. Students studying in the tech sector will get the opportunity. Students of IIT Bombay, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, BITS, NIT Thiruchirappalli and Anna University campuses will benefit from this program.

The business model will be introduced through graphics and
students will be taught about the advanced technique of machine learning. They will be given detailed information about the graphic model. In e-commerce, pre-demand guessing, catalogs, quality, search rankings and online advertising will be understood. Students can also access the Amazon Research Days conference. Expert technology in the field of machine learning will explain the trades through a presentation.

Students will get a virtual classroom tutorial
Amazon India Tech Campus will provide a batch of students with a virtual classroom tutorial. There will be a question and answer session with scientists. "Students will be able to understand new trends through it," said Rajiv Rastogi, Amazon's machine learning vice president. The company is talking to universities for this. Asked to name students who want to learn.

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Mistakes with different product image and name can be prevented In the
blog Amazon India Machine Learning Team has been working on innovation. The catalog created by Amazon scientists in India will be used all over the world. It can correct the error of title, image and backfilling. Care should be taken that the image and the title are not different. Amazon India machine learning algorithm will enhance quality in India. It will be easier to identify the market place that makes the product of poor quality. The search ranking will help in the delivery speed of the feature.

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