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Suddenly a huge 300-foot pit fell in the field - watch the video

 Suddenly a huge 300-foot pit fell in the field - watch the video

This world is strangely poor. In which unique events keep happening. You may have seen or heard different unique events. But have you heard of this phenomenon? Know what the whole incident is ..

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A shocking and annoying video has surfaced from the state of Puebla in Mexico. Puebla is a place in the state where farmers are making a living by farming in the area.

However, a huge pit has fallen in this farm. The pit of this farm is spread over an area of ​​approximately 300 feet and 70 thousand square meters. According to residents, the pit was only 15 feet long when it was first seen. Then gradually their width increased.

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The pit first appeared last Saturday. Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa Hurta said the pit, located in the town of Santa Maria Jacatepec, was 20 meters deep and 60 feet wide.

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 Which is constantly increasing and posing a risk to the surrounding homes as well. All the residents living next to this pit have been relocated from there. People have also been instructed to stay away from this pit. But so far no casualties have been reported.

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People living around the pit say that in the morning, there was a loud noise like a storm, water bubbles were also seen inside the pit. The residents were also saddened that this would happen to their home and they would have to move from Ahijah to another place.

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