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Temple preparations begin for Lord Jagannath's rathyatra in Ahmedabad, says CM Rupani

Rathyatra to be held ?:  

Will the government allow the temple to hold a rath yatra?

Police Commissioner Sanjay Srivastava held discussions with officials via video conference

Corona is now coming under control in Gujarat. The transition in Ahmedabad is now under control. Then there is hope among the people that this year Lord Jagannath's rathyatra will start. An application will be made to the Commissioner of Police to remove the rathyatra from the temple. Apart from that, the temple has shown readiness to start the rathyatra in the way that will be sanctioned by the government. On the other hand, Chief Minister Rupani has given a statement saying that a decision will be taken at the right time for the rath yatra.


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Preparations have been started from the temple. The
Chief Minister said that a decision will be taken at the right time to start the procession of Lord Jagannath. There are still prospects for a third wave of corona. Then there is the responsibility for the safety and security of the people. We have beaten Corona without a lockdown. The situation is now being controlled. But the decision will be taken at the right time to start the rathyatra. Police Commissioner Sanjay Srivastava on Wednesday held a video conference with top police officials and police inspectors to discuss preparations for the rath yatra. All preparations have been started from the temple for the rathyatra.

The three chariots were worshiped on the day of Akhatrij

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What does the trustee of the temple say?
Mahendra Zai, trustee of Jamalpur Jagannath Temple Trust, said in a conversation with Divyabhaskar that all preparations have been started for the rath yatra. The approval of the state government is required. An application will be submitted to the Commissioner of Police for approval on Monday. The rathyatra will be carried out in the manner allowed by the police and the government. Rathyatra will be performed according to the tradition which has been held for years. All ceremonies will be completed in compliance with Corona’s guideline.


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Rath Yatra started all preparations have been taking
this morning after opening vekasinesana camp at Jamalpur Central Store in Sector 1 JCP Rajendra asarie had darshan of Jagannath temple. After the darshan, Sector 1 JCP Rajendra Asari, DCP Zone 3 Makrand Chauhan, ACP and PI Sajid Baloch had a discussion with Mahant Dilipdasji, Trustee Mahendra Jha of Jagannath Temple. After the video conference of the police commissioner, the JCP visited today and now all the preparations have been started for the rath yatra. The sailors also had a meeting today.

The Rathyatra was held at the temple premises last year

All three chariots were worshiped at
Akhatri. The three chariots are traditionally worshiped before Lord Jagannathji's rathyatra in Ahmedabad. The chariot was worshiped by Mahant Dilipdasji of Jagannath Temple at Jamalpur, Trustee Mahendrabhai Jha and Minister of State for Home Pradipsinh Jadeja on the day of Akhatrij around 9.30 am. The puja was performed in the presence of only a small number of people.

Last year, the Rathyatra was held at the temple premises.
Last year, the 143rd Rathyatra of Lord Jagannathji, which was historic due to the Corona epidemic, was held for the first time outside the temple premises. Talks were held between the government and the temple on the issue of removing the rathyatra till the end due to the corona. The matter was also heard in the High Court. Later it was finally decided to remove Lord Jagannathji's rathyatra in the temple premises. Lord Jagannathji's chariot was ordained and taken to the gate of the temple. The three chariots were then turned into the temple itself and placed for the darshan of the devotees.

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