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Temples will be closed but statues will be opened

Temples will be closed but statues will be opened:  No-entry to devotees at religious places in the state due to Corona, but welcome to tourists visiting the Statue of Unity from tomorrow

Who will be responsible if one of the visiting tourists has corona and the infection spreads?
Along with SOU, several projects of Kevadia including Hotel, Tent City will be opened

With the corona case declining in Gujarat, the government has started most of the businesses as well as government offices in the lower courts. At the same time, online education has also been started. The Statue of Unity at Kevadia will also be open for tourists tomorrow. At that time, there are discussions going on among the people that many tourists from Gujarat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot visit the Statue of Unity more. So if one of these tourists is infected with Corona and the infection spreads further in the district, who will be responsible?


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At the same time, if all the religious places and tourist places in the state are closed due to the transition of Koro, then why the Statue of Unity is opened?

SOU's online ticket booking will
resume from tomorrow at the Statue of Unity at Kevadia from 8 p.m. Online ticket booking has started for this. Booking inquiries have also started for hotels and tent cities. However, night curfew will be in 36 metropolitan cities from 9 pm to 6 am. Home delivery restaurants and hotels will be able to provide home delivery or take home service till 10 pm. All organizations, commercial firms, and industries must strictly adhere to Corona's guidelines.


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The jungle safari park will be open in Kevadia from tomorrow

Along with SOU, Jungle Safari Park, Children's Park will also be opened
along with the Statue of Unity which will open several projects of Kevadia including Jungle Safari Park, Children's Park and Ramada Hotel Tent City. Owners of tent cities and hotels at Kevadia, on the other hand, have been losing millions of rupees due to lack of tourists for the past one year, now hoping for a large influx of tourists. Tourists will now also get offline tickets along with online at the Statue of Unity tomorrow.

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The Shamlaji temple has also been closed for a long time

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The decision for religious places may be taken after June 11
The government has banned religious sites as well as programs to reduce the number of Koro transitions. Due to which the famous Yatra Dhams of Gujarat including Ambaji, Shamlaji, Unjha Umiyadham have been closed. These temples attract huge crowds of devotees from all over the country. The government has decided to close religious places till June 11 as it does not pose a threat of large-scale transition. At present only priests are allowed to enter all the temples. 

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Through which Aarti as well as Pooja is performed. The Ambaji Devasthan Trust, while extending the decision to open the temple, said that the decision to open the temple to visitors would be taken on June 11 if the transition to Koro was under control. Devotees also hope that the temple will open after June 11. Pooja and Aarti are currently performed regularly in the temple by the priests. Devotees who first came to the Shamlaji temple wearing shorts were barred from entering. However at the end of the transition it was decided to close the temple for the devotees.

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