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The bride's X arrived at the wedding, then you will keep watching what happened

The bride's X arrived at the wedding, then you will keep watching what happened

Wedding videos are very popular on social media. There are many such moments of joy and pain in an Indian wedding, many moments between the fun and rituals of relatives and friends become very funny.

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 From wedding songs to every ritual, it is recorded. Recently, a funny video of an Indian wedding went viral on social media site Instagram.

The atmosphere changed with the arrival of X at the wedding

Married life is considered a new and happy camp. In this, not only two people, but two families meet. In such a situation, the bride and groom forget their past and try to move on. But just think, what if the bride's ex arrives at the wedding? A funny video has gone viral on the social media site Instagram, in which a man reaches the stage of marriage. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

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Listening to the song will make you emotional

Generally, Bollywood / traditional songs are performed at weddings according to rituals. But here it is something else. Indeed, in this wedding video, a bride is sitting on the stage. A man approached her and tried to feed her laddu, but she refused, shaking her head. There are tears in the eyes of both of them and the boy gets out of there. The song 'Tumko Mubarak Ho Ye Shaadi Tumhari' can be heard in the background of the video. 

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