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The bull was standing quietly in the corner, Grandpa's mistake was so heavy that 'the stars appeared during the day' - watch the video

On social media, we often come across videos that we don't believe in or that make us laugh a lot. We have often heard that a person walking on the road was attacked by an animal which caused the person to be injured.

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In fact no animal attacks a person without any guilt. Only if we have done any harm to an animal does that animal attack that person. Sometimes even small jokes can be overwhelming. A video of one such incident is currently going viral on social media.

ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 



People are laughing a lot when they see it. Many a time in life we ​​are walking in front and taking up and taking Vhori. Now look at this grandfather. He was going on his way comfortably but he did not know what happened and for no reason he made fun of the bull standing in the street and hit his body with a stick.

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After that, did the bull show its true color? Grandpa was taken away. The video of the event is currently going viral. People are saying that this is called "Bell Mujhe Mar". This shocking video has been shared by a Twitter user in his account. Which has received a total of 45,000 views so far. While more than 200 likes have been received.

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