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The catastrophic video came to light, the accused downloaded Bapu's video with the young lady and said, "You-let's go down the video, now get out."

Paper mahant suicide case:  The catastrophic video came to light, the accused downloaded Bapu's video with the young lady and said, "You-let's go down the video, now get out."

On June 1, Mahant committed suicide with the poisonous drug P.

The mahant of Khodiyardham Ashram was telling the girl to stay the night

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Police have lifted the curtain on the suicide case of Mahant Jayaramdas Bapu of Khodiyardham Ashram near Patiya in Kagdadi village of Rajkot. Alpesh Solanki, the nephew of the abbot, used the girl to trap him in a honeytrap. A catastrophic video of a monk with a young woman has surfaced. The role of the abbot's niece in the catastrophic video has also been suspected. The nephew made a video with the girl and trapped Bapu in a honeytrap. After the video was made, the accused said, "Let the video come down, get out now."

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The statement of the doctor of Dev Hospital will also be recorded. In the
catastrophic video, the girl who was with Bapu has given a statement to the police that the mahant was constantly asking her to stay in the ashram at night. It is not clear why the mahant was asking the girl to stay in the ashram. While the woman was talking to the abbot's nephew Alpesh, he took down the video of the girl with the abbot. Accused Vikram Sohla also showed evidence of showing a stick to Mahant. The role of some trustees of the trust in concealing the abbot's suicide has been found to be questionable. Police will also question Dr Nimawat after Dev Hospital issued a certificate of death from a heart attack instead of suicide. Currently, four teams of police are working in this case.

The mahant was telling the girl to stay in the ashram at night.

Mahant young woman with a 6 offensive video
has been struggling to make inquiries 1 dozen people, including 6 police khodiyara Ashram, as well as to solve the mystery by FSL Trust Mahant be seized goods, including bone and clothing. The woman said in a statement that the accused took down the video of her going to her room with the abbot with the help of Alpesh. In the last 30 seconds of the video, let's say the video has come down, now it seems that someone is talking. There are 6 such catastrophic videos with the abbot's wife. A video has just come out.

Raids on the victims home, family inquiries
to arrest the accused fled Alpesh counts of forced death Mahant, Hitesh and record police have raided his home, garden, and invite family farmhouse, including places as well as to carry out inquiries to get to their hotel. It is also suspected that the accused had fled Gujarat as the incident came to light late.

Accused Hitesh and Alpesh.


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What is the whole matter?
The death of the mahant of Khodiyar Ashram in Kagdiadi village of Rajkot on June 1 was not natural, but the mahant committed suicide out of fear of being tortured by three persons including his family nephew and son-in-law. The nephew and son-in-law had sent two young women to the mahant six times two years ago to shoot a video of him and on the basis of this, the mahant was blackmailed and extorted Rs 20 lakh. Police have registered a case against three persons.

The family also held a funeral.

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However, two days after the incident, a 20-page suicide note written by Mahant Jayaramdas was found in an upstairs room of the ashram. When the suicide note was found by the police, the staff including Kuwadwana PI NN Chudasama investigated and revealed that Jayaramdas's death was not natural, but he had committed suicide.

Mahant has been living in the ashram for 17 years.


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Jayaramdas Bapu had been living in the ashram for 17 years.
Based on the suicide note, the ashram's trustee Ramjibhai Jeshabhai Limbasia had lodged a complaint at the Kuwadwa police station, naming Alpesh Solanki, Hitesh Jadav and Vikram Devji Sohla, a resident of Rajkot's Gandhigram area, as accused. The complaint said that Jayaramdas had been living in the aforesaid ashram for 17 years and had appointed his family nephew Alpesh and his son-in-law Hitesh as trustees in the ashram trust.

Rajkot's Vikram Sohla was helping Hitesh and Alpesh and beating Mahant.

On the basis of the video, the accused blackmailed Bapu
and paid him. Were threatening to extort money. Grabbed Rs 20 lakh in two years and now forcing the mahant to occupy the ashram, the bored mahant committed suicide. Police registered a case and started searching for the trio.

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