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The chief scientist said that the delta variant is spreading very fast, the number of cases has also increased in Germany.

WHO warning:  

The Delta variant is spreading very fast in Germany. Vaccination here is also getting faster now. - File

Cases of the Delta virus are spreading very fast in Germany as well

The World Health Organization (WHO) says a delta variant of the corona virus is advancing and is now spreading rapidly. According to Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at WHO, this variant is spreading rapidly, as its transmissibility has increased.


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On the other hand, the German health agency also acknowledged in a statement that some such cases have been reported in the country and are now being closely monitored. This variant from the new case was found in about 6% of patients. All these patients are being closely monitored.

The number of patients infected with the Delta variant is increasing in Germany.

"More data is needed
so far," Soumya said in response to questions about Covid-19. We need to know what kind of variants and what vaccines are used in which country. We have the data, but need some more data. Then we can better plan and fight against this variant.

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Germany's vaccine fails
WHO's chief scientist laments the fact that the German company Cure Vaccine's vaccine has not met WHO's standards of efficiency. He believes that it has not been very effective on high transmissible strains like Delta. According to him, the effectiveness of this vaccine is less than 50%. "The vaccine needed to control any epidemic must be at least 50 percent effective," Soumya said.

The German company Cure Vaccine's vaccine failed to meet WHO's standards of efficacy.

"We are moving forward by learning from all these things in the ongoing trial," he said. Our researchers have found more details about this virus. Earlier, the WHO had expressed concern over the Delta variant. In India, it has now changed and the virus has taken the form of Delta Plus.

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