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The company is incorrectly blocking the app, charging arbitrary prices from developers on the App Store; Its impact on consumer budgets

Apple's grandfather !:The company is incorrectly blocking the app, charging arbitrary prices from developers on the App Store; Its impact on consumer budgets

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on June 7. On the first day of the event, the company's focus was on software. The iPhone will soon work as a digital ID at US airports, the company has released a preview of iOS 15 for its developers. However, "everything is alright" between Apple and the developers.

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Some developers are unhappy with Apple's dictatorship for iPhone apps. They complain that Apple is demanding an unfair price from them. There is a special need to understand this controversy.


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Why are developers unhappy with Apple?
App makers and lawmakers say Apple is controlling iPhone apps as domineering. Some people are unhappy that Apple's commission on membership of an online dating service or the purchase of virtual gems in a Clash of Clans game is their compulsion. Apple charges 30% commission from apps on the iPhone. However, it has reduced the commission for the most usable apps by 15%. This has had an impact on Apple's app revenue.

Some app developers believe that Apple is wrongly blocking their apps. There are very few apps that complain about Apple's grandfathering. These include Epic Games, the developer of Spotify, Match Group, RBNB, Tile and Fortnight video games.

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What is the party of the plaintiffs?
Apple has been running its Appstore from the same point of view since 2008. Users cannot find apps without the company. Apple makes Byzantine rule to control the App Store. They are not understandable.

Prosecutors say the big question is whether Apple's grip on the iPhone is driving away many good apps and new ideas. Because the developers who made it can't get ahead of Apple's monopoly, terms and higher commissions.

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Apple in some cases is the right
company to say that it is entitled to compensation for its role in the app economy. Apple brings millions of potential customers to the doorstep of app makers. This makes it easier for people to shop. It ensures that apps screen so it stays safe. Whatever Apple does for app makers and others, the price goes up, but the contribution is meaningful.


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What is the solution to the upheaval in the app?
Shira Ovid, a technology columnist for The New York Times, has 2 suggestions for this. One is mild and the other is aggressive. Apple will first stop blocking app makers who tell people they don't want to buy content in the app. For example, a YouTube music streaming subscription costs 12. 12.99 (approximately Rs. 950) when purchased in the iPhone app. So the purchase from the YouTube music website costs 9. 9.99 (approximately Rs. 720). YouTube pays Apple a commission of ડો 3 (approximately Rs. 220), but the burden falls on consumers.

If app makers are allowed to link to a website where people can buy subscriptions or digital content at a lower price, many would not, says Ovid associate Greg Bansiger. However, doing so will get a good response from Apple's customers.

The Optional App Store should be rocked. Finding, paying and downloading apps from a single digital storefront makes it easy and secure, but I'm not sure it's worth the higher cost and control by App Store owners. What if we recently downloaded the Tinder or YouTube music app from the company's website?

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