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The frightened giraffe showed the woman in broad daylight - watch the video

People go to the forest and see the animals and immediately start capturing them in the camera. Most people take cameras with them to such a place and try to capture them in their own camera. Not only that, he takes any risk to capture these images.

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One such video is going viral on social media. In this video a woman is trying to take a photo of a giraffe from a distance in her camera. At the same time he had no idea that this would prove to be very difficult for him and for the person traveling in the car.

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 In a few seconds the woman realized that traveling in the jungle was not as easy as she understood.

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The giraffe saw the woman and her jeep and started running. When the giraffe starts running, the woman also asks to increase the speed of the vehicle. The giraffe chased the woman and her vehicle for some distance. Although he was relieved later, this was a very difficult experience for him. This video is going very viral on social media and people are liking it very much.

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