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The girl's dress flew in the air during the photoshoot, the young man acted as if… -Watch the viral video

In general, every couple wants love and respect to be the same. Every couple is different from the other. Some people are very pessimistic about their spouse, some take great care of their spouse and some show love to the whole world. A very beautiful video of the relationship story is going viral on social media.

also read 😱😂🥰રસ્તા પર અજાણ્યા યુવકે અચાનક યુવતી પાસે જઈને માંગી કિસ અને પછી તો… -જુઓ વિડીયો

A video of a couple's photoshoot on social media site Instagram is going viral. The only thing that can be understood by watching the video is that there is a very good bonding between the two and they understand and care for each other while understanding each other. During the photoshoot, the girl's dress starts to fly due to the wind. Then the boy seems to try to handle it.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

The video has been shared on an account called Trending Dulhaniya on Instagram. As soon as the boy notices that his girlfriend's dress is blown away by the wind, he repeatedly tries to fix it. After watching the video, it became clear how boyish the boy is and he did not want anyone else to look at his girlfriend.


😱ટ્રકની બ્રેક ફેલ થવા પર ડ્રાઈવરે અપનાવ્યો કઈ એવો રસ્તો કે બચી ગયો બધાનો જીવ

The video has been viewed by over 24,000 people so far. Everyone is very appreciative of this behavior of the boy. Everyone loves the boy's cute style along with the bonding of the two.

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