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The government is angry over not enforcing the rule, said- giving a last chance; You will be responsible for your own actions

Government's ultimatum to Twitter:  The government is angry over not enforcing the rule, said- giving a last chance; You will be responsible for your own actions

Twitter removes Vice President Naidu's verification, ticks blue again
Twitter, including Mohan Bhagwat, unverified the accounts of many union leaders

The government has issued an ultimatum to Twitter under the new IT rules. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology wrote on Twitter that it was disappointed with the response it received on May 28 and June 2, as it did not specify the status quo and did not fully enforce the new rules. Were made.

"We are giving you one last chance, otherwise the concessions will be revoked and you will be held responsible," the government told Twitter. The government said Twitter had not even mentioned the chief compliance officer so far. The nodal contact person nominated is not a Twitter employee in India. The office address given is also that of a law firm.


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Phatavanam portend far on Twitter
has provoked a government center in prosecutions for Twitter before. On Saturday morning, news broke that Twitter had sent a message to India's Vice President M. The blue tick was removed from the personal Twitter accounts of Venkaiah Naidu and several Sangh leaders. However, as the controversy escalated, Twitter re-verified Naidu's account during the countdown. With this, Twitter has now targeted the president of RSS. He has also removed the blue tick from Mohan Bhagwat's Twitter account.

The official handle of the vice president's office was already ticked. According to the news agency, Naidu's account was not active last month, which is why the handle was unverified.

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After the Blue Tick's store-restore game with the account unverified Venkaiah Naidu of many leaders, including RSS union president Mohan Bhagwat, Twitter has now targeted the RSS president. One of the reasons behind removing the blue tick from Mohan Bhagwat's Twitter account is also being concluded, in which Mohan Bhagwat's Twitter account was created in May 2019, but not a single tweet has appeared on his Twitter yet.

Before Mohan Bhagwat, Twitter also unverified the Twitter accounts of many RSS leaders, including names like Arun Kumar, Bhaiyaji Joshi and Suresh Jani. However, the accounts of the union president and others have also been re-verified. Meanwhile, BJP Mumbai spokesperson Suresh Nakhua questioned Twitter's action. He said this was an attack on the Constitution of India.

Not a single tweet from the last 11 months The
Vice President's account is followed by 1.1 million people. There has not been a single tweet from his Twitter account in the last 11 months. This account was last tweeted on July 23, 2020.


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Ministry annoyed with
Twitter The IT ministry was annoyed with Twitter's unilateral action. According to sources, the ministry believes that such action cannot be taken against a person of the country's No. 2 authority. Twitter's intent behind this is wrong. Twitter's argument in this case is also completely wrong.

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What is a Blue Tick?
According to Twitter, the Blue Verified Badge (Blue Tick) means that the account is in the public interest and real. Having an active Twitter account is very important to get this sign. Twitter currently checks specific accounts of government companies, brands and nonprofits, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and e-sports, activists, organizers and other influencers.

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In what condition did
Twitter remove the blue tick? According to the terms of Twitter, if someone does not change the name of their handle or use the account, on the basis of which it was verified. In such a situation the blue tick is removed.

Controversy over new IT rules is
still raging between Twitter and the government due to new guidelines from the Indian government. Twitter has not yet accepted the new guidelines. Also, a few days ago, in the alleged toolkit case, Delhi Police raided Twitter India's Delhi and Gurugram offices.

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