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The in-laws did this to steal the shoes at the wedding ceremony, the brother-in-law fell asleep on the ground - watch the video

Many videos often go viral through social media. Then some videos are heartbreaking, some videos are so funny that you laugh out loud when you see them. That's when one such video went viral on the internet. Find out what's in the whole video

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

During the video, the in-laws started stealing Jijaji's boots. In the cycle of boot theft, the boots are going to disappear. But Ahijah's case is different. At the time the boots were stolen, both the in-laws and the in-laws started taking the boots. The groom was no less. He kept his boots under his feet.

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In the video that went viral on the internet, it can be seen that the first sister-in-law came and tried to snatch the boots and the groom's friends and family tried to stop them. Then the bridegroom falls asleep on the ground and the bride laughs. The groom, lying on the ground, tries hard to save his shoes.

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People are liking this video which is going viral on the internet. It is very strange to see sisters-in-law fighting so hard in the ritual of boot theft. This video has been liked by thousands of people so far. Trending Dulhania shared this video on her Instagram account. 


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Users are also making funny comments about this video. One user wrote, ‘Brides I feel stingy. See if he sleeps on the ground to avoid paying money. Another user wrote, "Best effort… Fantastic groom."

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