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The iPhone 12 Pro costs Rs 30,000, but the company sells it for Rs 74,000, 59% more than the production price.

Apple's earnings from iPhone: 

Apple launched its first iPhone 14 years ago today. The craze for the iPhone has not abated since then. The only difference is that at that time people had to line up outside the store to buy an iPhone while now this work is done from an online platform. The price of iPhone has crossed Rs 1 lakh in the last 14 years, but the demand is still high.


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Have you ever wondered how much it costs to produce an iPhone that you are paying millions for? How Much Money Does a Company Make on an iPhone? This is how premium Android smartphone makers like Samsung and Google make a profit on their handsets.

Today we will inform you about the production cost of this handset and the benefits to the company ....

Demand for the iPhone increased during the Corona epidemic. The global sales of smartphones crossed 100 100 billion (approximately Rs 7.3 lakh crore) in the first quarter of this year. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max generated the most revenue. So iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 also gave their share. According to a report by Techwalls, the production cost of the iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) in the US is અમેરિકા 406 (approximately Rs. 30,000), while Apple sells it for 9 999 (approximately Rs. 74,000). This means that the company gains 59.36% or 59 593 (approximately Rs. 44,000) per unit.

The cost is the same in both the hardware and software of the phone.
According to tech expert Praval Sharma, the price of the phone is not a single unit but an order of millions. Is determined on it. The price of the phone is determined in a 40-60 ratio in hardware and software. It can be assumed that the company has to spend around Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 on hardware for manufacturing one of the cheapest 4G Android smartphones.

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 It also has the important role of display size, camera megapixels. So you have to spend about 2000 rupees for software. Software that does not receive updates is less expensive.

Google and Samsung are also leading in profits
not only Apple earns up to 72% on iPhone but also Google and Samsung which make premium Android smartphones also earn the same profit on their handsets. The 12GB + 256GB variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is priced at 13 1350 (approximately Rs. 1,00,200) in the US market, while its production cost is 52 528 (approximately Rs. 39,000). That means the company makes a profit of 8 822 (approximately Rs. 61,200) per unit.

Similarly, Google sells its Pixel XL (32GB) smartphone in the US market for 76 769 (approximately Rs. 57,000), while its production cost is 28 285 (approximately Rs. 21,100). This means that the company earns a profit of 62.84% or 48 484 (approximately Rs. 35,900) on one handset.

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