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The man caught a giant King Cobra from the forest, put the snake on the road and did something like that - watch the heartbreaking video

Many videos often go viral on social media. There will be many videos that you will be scared to watch, but there are some videos that will win our hearts. Then some videos are funny. While many videos are inspirational or instructive. That's when a heartbreaking video went viral on social media. You too will be shocked to see the video.

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Everyone is afraid of snakes, big or small. There are some species of snakes whose name scares people. The Python and the King Cobra are very dangerous. Videos of such dangerous snakes are frequently going viral on social media. One such video has been going viral lately. You too will be amazed to see it. In this video, a man is seen catching a King Cobra in the forest.


ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

This video is going very viral on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by a man named Parveen Dabas. Sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, "Looks like we need more wildlife education, I think this is King Cobra."

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In the video you can clearly see that two people are catching this dangerous King Cobra on the road in the forest. This giant snake looks like King Cobra. In which a person is holding the mouth of a dream. While another person is holding his tail. The snake is moving a lot. The two men then put the snake to sleep on the road. A man then presses his feet down and then begins to put them in the bag.

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The video has been viewed by over 18,000 people so far. People are also making a lot of comments on this video. One user wrote that this place is close to my house in Goa. As other users have written, this is definitely King Cobra.

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