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The sight of 80 people's eyes was gone; CMO's claim - 10 to 12 such people are alive and have no idea who died

Poisonous liquor in Aligarh:  The sight of 80 people's eyes was gone; CMO's claim - 10 to 12 such people are alive and have no idea who died

Drinking methyl alcohol is the most dangerous: Dr. B. L. Sherwal

So far, 95 people have died in Aligarh due to poisoning. Meanwhile, a new revelation has emerged in this scandal. Doctors at Malkhan Singh District Hospital and JN Medical College in Aligarh, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said about 80 people lost their sight in just a few hours after drinking poisonous alcohol. Most of them have died.


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CMO Dr BP Singh has also confirmed that many people have lost their sight due to drinking alcohol. "I know about 10-12 people who have lost their eyesight," he said. He, however, declined to say anything about the deceased. The CMO who is talking about 10-12 people is currently alive, while he did not specify the status of the deceased. When Dainik Bhaskar asked about the postmortem report of the deceased, they avoided the question. He said- there is no complete information about this at present.

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It remains to eye vision, determined to liver damage
Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, says director dobi L Sherwal that drink methyl alcohol is the most dangerous. It is destined to damage the vision of the human eye and the liver. It affects the eyes and the brain the most. It also directly affects the lever. Death by drinking methyl alcohol. Even if this person somehow survives, his eyes are destined to go.


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According to Dr. Sherwal, the liver works to detoxify. There is a dehydrogenate enzyme. The liver cannot detoxify when alcohol is consumed in large quantities. Because of this methyl alcohol directly affects the organs. Also of concern is that methyl converts alcohol to liver formic acid and formaldehyde.

Temperature is also required in the storage of liquor.
Dr. Sherwal says that the liquor which is available on government contracts of English and Desi liquor is distilled at a special temperature. So that only ethyl alcohol comes into it. The rest of the raw alcohol or toxic alcohol has no fixed temperature. Because of this it contains methyl, ethyl, propyl all alcohol.

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Only 15 ML of alcohol can go with Jiva
Swarupara's Nehru Hospital, Prayagraj's Dr. Santosh Singh states that methyl alcohol can kill a person if only 15 ml to 500 ML goes into his body. According to Dr. Santosh, methyl alcohol enters the body and is converted to formaldehyde. It is more poisonous than methyl. It is used in commercial use under the name formalin. This is a way to detoxify the liver.


So far 33 arrests, 8 officers including excise officer suspended
Police have arrested 33 people so far in the case. Eight officers, including excise officer P Guru Prasad, have been charged in the case. They include Ravi Shankar Pathak of Agra zone, OP Singh of Aligarh Mandal, Karmaveer Singh of CO Gabha. Apart from this, District Officer Dhir Sharma, Excise Inspector Rajesh Yadav, Constable Ashok Kumar, Inspector Chandra Prakash Yadav, Inspector Lodha Abhay Kumar Sharma and Ramraj Rana have also been suspended.

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