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The speeding vehicle lost control while trying to rescue the biker, collided with the bridge and broke into 2 pieces; 3 women died on the spot

Speed ​​fun, death sentence: 

The condition of the driver and 1 other person is critical, under treatment at the hospital

A serious accident took place in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh on Friday. The vehicle returning from Ramkona collided head-on with the bridge, resulting in two pieces of the vehicle. The accident left 3 women dead on the spot, while the condition of 2 others is critical. The injured have been shifted to Nagpur for treatment.


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Accident going to save shaken by the reaction
of the police, saunsarano resident ramakona Sachin Jaiswal had gone to attend a wedding with his family. He was returning to the car on Friday. Meanwhile, a biker came across his car near Dream Hotel near Nagpur Road. In an attempt to save him, Sachin Jaiswal lost control and the vehicle collided with a bridge.

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The condition of 2 persons is critical.
Roshni, Madhuri and Priya, residents of Saunsar, died on the spot in the accident. Also, drivers Sachin Jaiswal and Neelam Jaiswal sustained serious injuries. Both have been shifted to a hospital in Nagpur in critical condition.

Fall quickly reaching negligence expensive wedding
, according to the information received, there was a wedding ramakonamam evening, in the morning the car was going to be involved in sonsara family members. After getting ready from there he was to go to attend the wedding by evening.

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